Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marie Antoinette

Bonjour friends!!!

I logged in today to post a new blog & got so caught up poking through all of the gorgeous blogs out there I almost forgot to post one today!!!

~An especially decadent site I discovered today is Villa Anna! AMAZING! I think I'm in love with everything she has posted!
~And of course The Paris Apartment is my favorite of all time! I know you probably all have this one on your blog roll but just in case you've never been there :)

I found all of these incredibly scrumptious images on this fantastic website called The Costumes of Marie Antoinette LOVE IT! If you are Marie Antoinette fan I'm sure you will love this site too! The hair, the make-up, the jewels, the fashion! You just can't go wrong!

This is Marie Antoinette's crest. I just really love the color.

The site also has wonderful pictures from the 2006 movie including these:

Sigh! Shoes, I'm a sucker for beautiful shoes! I just want to slip my foot in! It's almost too much to bear!

And this is the dress Kirsten Dunst wore in the fireworks scene (the one with the ship hat)! I know it must have been torture to dress like that every single day but it sure beats flip flops & jeans, I wish I could go to dinner dressed like that! I think they might commit me!

Below are relics of Marie Antoinette. There were a ton of beautiful pictures of many other items. I think this was my favorite part of the site. Oh, to just hold one of these items! I could die right now :) Just remarkable.

It must be good to be Queen! I would consider sacrificing my head for these.
There is so much to see on this site and then it led me to other sites so be prepared to devote some time if you are interested. OK, I'm going to go dress for dinner just kidding, I'm wearing jeans & flip flops, but at least the flops are Pink!

Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. I do love Marie Antoinette - a glam girl with real style.

  2. I love these shoes cute ! Marie Antoinette was such an icone

  3. Fantastic pictures. I do love the crest. I wonder if we have a crest....
    Ness xx

  4. Those shoes are awesome and the earrings are INCREDIBLE! I would give up one of my dogs for those!

  5. Let me just put it simply, I DIE!
    I love Marie Antoinette, her story, the history and mystery she left behind, her amazing over-the-top lifestyle... all of it.
    Thank you for a beautiful post!

  6. Count me in too ladies! I too adore Marie Antoinette, in fact I truly believe I am her reincarnated hehe ;)

    I agree with Judith and some might call me crazy (especially after that last statement) but oh how I wish we could all get around in amazing gowns and shoes like hers and those of the day.

    Anna :)

    p.s Don't ya just love Sofia Coppola for making this movie? I can't get enough of it.

  7. Those shoes are so sumptuous! The dressing room scenes in that film were so delightful. And all the incredible desserts! It was good to be Queen- for a little while at least!

  8. I love Marie Antoinette's style so much, that after a lot of hard work and patience, I designed my own heels with her style...


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