Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have absolutely fallen in love with this Salon! It is in the Hotel Soubise and I am in awe. I love the way the walls meld into the ceiling seamlessly. A true work of art. The huge mirrored panel and gilding is breathtaking. I can picture myself feasting on Fleur d'Oranger macarons from Laduree, lounging on that heavenly Coral silk, & gazing onto that view! Oh my, maybe in a past life that is how I spent my days. That would explain my love affair with all things French & beautiful.
I know that there is so much of this wonderful world to see and I know what everyday a new experience and a new thing of beauty will undoubtedly land at my feet (especially viewing all of the lovely blogs out there) however, when it happens it still takes me by surprise every time! The minds that created these things of amazement & wonder are inexplicably genius to me! I could never dream of such grandeur and lavish extravagance. The beauty of it all is so inspiring. Though this is from Amalienburg in Munich and not in France I could not help but to pass on my little breath of exquisiteness for the day!
The fact that this color palette is very much a favorite of mine really draws me to this suite of apartments. The little benches are my new object of desire. Enjoy!

Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. It just says "luxury" but in a tasteful way doesn't it?

  2. They are a great design team. Never seem to miss the mark.
    Ness xx


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