Saturday, October 18, 2008


Brocade Home is back! Yippee! This favorite site of mine has been undergoing a redo of their website & I have been missing them so! Well, friends, they are back & they look great. I enjoyed looking through some of the old faves and a couple of new faves! Enjoy! All images are from Brocade Home

I can think of a lot of places to put this little gem. PS, I love the flowers & a drink doesn't sound half bad right now!
I could sleep here for days! I love this headboard but do think I would hate dusting it!
I'm a sucker for a chandelier so if I can find new places to put one, I'll do it! Like Marilyn said in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes "I just love finding new places to wear diamonds" I feel the same way!
I am losing my mind over this wallpaper and thinking, hmmm...does my toilette need to be redone?So simple, so pretty.
I love mixing the old with the new, this would work well in my office/study. This would work well anywhere!

If you have not checked out their design blog, I really recommend it, it is fantastic!
Well, I am so happy to report were back in business on the Brocade front! Enjoy!
Have a delightful weekend :)
Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. I come to you through Melanie.
    What a nice blog you have.

  2. I will have to look tomorrow at Brocade's new site... yea! LOVE their stuff! I'm exhausted... off to bed... thanks again for the announcement!
    ENJOY your Sunday!

  3. I would love to live on each and every "page" at Brocade! Wouldn't you?
    xo Lidy

  4. Ohhhhh a free-standing chandelier! I've got to check out their website for that one.

  5. I am on my way to "Brocade House"!
    Looks beautiful indeed.
    Thanks for the visit & I adore your blog...

  6. I have those wall sconces...I am going to paint mine silver now. Thanks. I am off to visit this shop now. See ya, Ness xx


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