Friday, May 29, 2009


Christian Lacroix

Bonjour my Friends!!! Happy Friday to you! My family and I are heading off to Palm Springs to visit my Dad. It is going to be sizzlin' hot! I can't wait to see my little Prince enjoying himself in the pool :)
I am simply mad about these couture confections! Why am I so obsessed with this dream world of couture lately!?! I heard today that Christian Lacroix is filing for what is equivalent in the US to bankruptcy. Hard times are hitting us all. :(


The hair detracts from the beauty of this gown. Just look at those whispery soft layers (the gown not the hair)!


I simply cannot decide which is more beautiful the setting or the couture!


Dior always amazes and astounds me with beauty.


At least the hair is partially covered in this one!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Technicolor Dream World

The incredible Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blonds
I've been a little obsessed with these fabulous Technicolor wonders lately.
Hi Friends!!! I've been working on my surprise for you all and this post is a little clue! These movies and so many more, have always inspired me and they take me to a more glamorous and refined time. A time not so long ago, filled with glitz, glamour, and enough fashionable movie stars
to light up the nights sky!

Grace Kelly (who after all married a French Prince)

The colors and feeling invoke a sense of richness and luxury to me.

America's favorite mermaid Esther Williams

Why is it that my hair and make-up never look like this when I swim? Movie magic!

Doris Day

I love all of the Doris Day movies. Especially the Rock Hudson (va va voom) ones!
Her ensemble is another clue...

The beautiful Betty Grable

Betty Grable movies are always magical! If I catch one on TCM I'm hooked. So down to earth and the fashions are always mind blowing! Oh to be a fly in Edith Heads

Diana Dors
How Amazing is this bed!?! If you love it...keep watching out for my surprise, you will not be disappointed! ;)

I LOVE Carmen Miranda! Her joy of life and her sunny personality always make me smile! What a woman!

The incredible and classic Audrey Hepburn. What more can I say that hasn't already been said so eloquently by so many. A true icon.

Ava Gardner and her turbulent life. Her work is wonderful and her beauty is timeless.

I love the hat!

Betty Grable in Moon over Miami. I LOVE this movie and again those costumes are to die for!!!! I know I'm crazy but I'm in love with the chair in the back ground :)

Because I have not done a true French post in a while. An American in Paris with Gene and Leslie! I'm a sucker for this movie. Look at those flowers (another clue).

This is a rare 1930's movie and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it right now. I'll update the post when it pops into my head in the middle of the night! I just love the bathing suits.

Esther Williams again proving going to the pool can be as glamorous as going to a ball. Look at that beautiful monogrammed cover up. What a wonderful idea and the colors!

Marilyn and the diamonds! I have always loved the quote from Gentlemen Prefer Blonds where she exclaims that she loves finding new places to wear diamonds! Anytime my husband has ever given me jewelry I just want to blurt it out! I know I'm a little nuts.

I just love this image of Carmen Miranda via Worth It gives me ideas for a Halloween costume! :) Those nails!

Another image of Betty Grable. Makes me want to dance my worries away.

One of my all time favorite movies is Singing in the Rain. This scene is fabulous!
Another short post for you today, but don't worry, I'll be back in full force in the coming weeks!
Have a fantastic Thursday!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marie Couture...


I have been stumbling upon the most A~mazing gowns and images lately. I had to stop myself from eye~candy overload! I couldn't help to think, what if Marie Antoinette lived now. Would she be a fashionista today? Of course she would!!! Look at how she inspires so many even now.


I am loving this Valentino gown. How amazing and beautiful is the back!?! Wow! A girl should look just as ravishing going as she does arriving! :) The color is my favorite.

I just could not help but to fall in love with this image. The walls, the beautiful little chair, the colors, the fabrics, the whimsy, that ceiling! I could get lost.


Oh my! Oh my! Look at those shoes, and the hats! The hat with the bows is just darling and those sleeves! I so appreciate the vision and the exquisite detail these designers give us. I could take a nap on all those layers and yards of silk :)


The bodice inspired by that oh~so~famous necklace is truly incredible! I'm in love! I'm like a bird...anything shiny catches my eye.

Inspired in so many ways! The background is so pretty too.

I tried to get this pic bigger for you with no luck. Still, a gorgeous image. The shape and the color are worthy of MA!
I have more for you next time! It has been a grueling week as I am still preparing my big surprise for you! Have a fabulous and stylish (long) weekend!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Week!

Happy Week my Friends!
Apologies for not visiting enough this week, I have something fun and exciting cooking over here! More info to come this week! For now please have some patience as I promise I'll stop by and visit more :)

I can't wait to let the cat out the bag!!! :)
Happy Week To You!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


UK based Brolliesgalore

Bonjour friends! I hope everybody had a lovely holiday weekend. I spent the day with my family and could not feel any more lucky. It was beautiful, thanks to all who sent Mother's Day wishes my way :)

My Vintage Vogue

For some reason, I have been stumbling upon images of parasols, and finding vintage parasols, hey, even my drinks have tiny umbrellas in them! So, I wanted to share with you some of these cute pics I've been finding. Enjoy!

My Vintage Vogue

Whether used for function or fashion, I think they are fantastic! What a fun accessory. I was reading up on some Parasol facts and found a very long history attached to them.


Across the ages and all over the world they have been used for their beauty as much as to keep the sun off of delicate skin. From the ancient Romans to the Victorians and all spaces between the parasol has been an integral accessory.

Source unknown

There are so many beautiful images out there it was hard to choose! I found some incredibly beautiful vintage parasols too. Interestingly, I found a plethora of Victorian mourning parasols (who knew)?


Marie Antoinette used to have a group of servants whose only responsibility was to hold her parasol and make sure she was adequately shaded!


I think this image of the girl on the bicycle is my favorite


I'm a very strange girl, in that, I do not like to use umbrellas in the rain. I always feel like they make more of mess. They are wet when you bring them in with you and they rarely keep me dry, so I just dash around without one. Living in California doesn't really warrant the need for one very often so I can't imagine myself using a parasol in dry weather! They are fun to look at though. Maybe in another time I would have had the prettiest one as I was chauffeured along in my carriage, holding it with the softest and thinnest of kid skin gloves as I went calling on all the fashionable girls!

Until next time my friends!!!
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Warm Wishes!

My beautiful little Prince
On this very special weekend...I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!

How did I get so lucky?
Being a Mother to my little Prince is an experience I can not even put into words and I am so blessed to have the privilege of being his Mommy. So this weekend I will celebrate that! I will also celebrate having had such an amazing Mom myself. She was my best friend and the bond we shared was so special and irreplaceable. I miss her everyday. However, I am so incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be her daughter, even for the short time we had together. Everything I am and believe are because of the two people in this post. So as you can see, I have much to celebrate on Sunday and I hope you do too!!! Happy Mother's Day!
My amazing Mom
Cherish every second you have with your Mother, Child, Sister, Grandmother, Aunt, or whoever you have that special bond with... everyday.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some random bits of inspiration from my desktop today. Enjoy...

The above image is from Dancing Doc Design. Could you think of a better place to be right now!?!
From Domino :( I just love the vibrant colors and the composition of the photo. That dress hanging on the wall is amazing!!!

Ohhhh Laduree!!! How my heart (or should I say stomach) yearns for a macaron from your legendary establishment! Why is everything that is Laduree so beautiful? It's from another time completely. Imagine another time when everyday things were of quality and times were more simple and pretty. Image via Flickr

Am I crazy or is the wall covering a copy of Marie Antoinette's Turkish boudoir in Fontainebleau??? What a wild coincidence, I just did a post on it yesterday and I've had this photo sitting around for months but never noticed.

Something has me drawn to parasols and umbrellas lately. I just love this image and I love the idea for a party. So easy, so chic! I think I'll do a post very soon on parasols, I have some images that are wildly beautiful!

I don't know why but I always wished I could have pulled off being a Red head part time. Unfortunately, I do not have the skin tone to even attempt it but I do love the look on others. So classic, unique, and stunning.

Finally, This dress that to me resembles the petals of a Peony. I adore it. If I could choose a different dress to have been wed would be this one. Scrumptious!
That's all for today, sorry for the short and quick post! Have a wonderful day!!!

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