Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaming of Paris...

Image via Such Pretty Things ~ Flickr ~ The Fleas

Bonjour Mes Amis! I was just enjoying a cup of tea and dreaming of Paris! My friend Julio from Beaux Mondes Designs is there now and he took his toddler son with them. His posts are just lovely and are making me miss Paris dreadfully! I can't wait to take my Baby J there :)

Image via Inspiring Things ~ The Storefronts

From the Fleas, the shops. to the storefronts, these images are causing a little pang in my heart.

Via Flickr

A favorite thing of mine to do was to visit the Marché aux Fleurs and Marché aux oiseaux. Just strolling around and seeing all of the sites and smelling the flowers (not the birds) is a perfect little break in the city.
I could never get over the flower stalls piled  high with beautiful fragrant blooms. Like walls of blossoms on each side. It's truly beautiful. I always had fresh flowers in the apartment.

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

The best bookstores in the world I do believeare in Paris! They are amazing. What I wouldn't do to be there now.

        Via Flickr
I love this image of the Bouquiniste along the Seine. It brings back so many wonderful memories of Paris! Leisurely breaks reading along the Siene and views of the Conciergerie. Life doesn't get much better than that! What a wonderful stroll down memory lane for me tonight. I'm off to bed with visions of Laduree and Les Printemps dancing in my head.
Bonne Nuit!

I took a fabulous trip to Hollywood with some friends and I can't wait to post about the fantastic Golden Age of Hollywood sites I saw...Until then!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

With a Heavy Heart for Haiti

Bonjour Mes Amis. I was all ready to sit down and write a fun Paris post but I just can't bring myself to do that. It is with such a heavy heart that I sit at the computer tonight.

After watching the news for last few days and seeing all of the sadness, horror, destruction, and loss, I can't seem to think about much else than the people of Haiti. I am holding my son and husband extra close and tight tonight and can't look at my son without feeling a huge wave of emotion. I feel so grateful and so blessed to have him home and safe in my arms. I can't imagine what all of those mothers are going through right now.

I have been on Facebook and browsing the blogs and there isn't much being said. Not like I thought there would be. People don't seem to care, I keep reading about how much traffic sucks and what's for dinner??? How do we look at those images and do nothing!?! I know what an incredible group of bloggers we all are and what presence and voice we have. Let's do something! Anything! Any ideas???

These people have less than nothing and have witnessed things that are unspeakable and unimaginable, the worst isn't over. If you know of anything we can do as a community please share.

Here are some things you can do if you are interested in helping out:

Text the word "HAITI" to 90999 to make your $10 donation. 100% of your $10 donation passes thru to The Red Cross for Haiti relief! Your mobile carrier keeps nothing. That's two trips to Starbucks for people who have less than nothing. Let's give them some hope. It takes only a minute.

all 55 Sports Chalet stores will be accepting gently worn men's, women's & kids shoes until Sunday, January 31st. All the shoes collected will be sent directly to Soles4Souls for distribution to the Haitian people - along with necessities such as food, bottled water, medical supplies and baby products. Spread the word! For more info click this link.

Support the American Red Cross. Even small donations add up. Here is the link

This is a great link with some organizations specifically helping Haiti. Here is the link

Talk about it, spread the word, have a fundraiser, be aware, and most importantly hold out hope for these people.

Sorry for the sad post tonight, but this is their reality right now and we can raise awareness and do what we can even if it's a little bit. So, hold your loved ones close tonight, give the kids an extra kiss and I love you, and when you get mad because traffic is bad or your stressing out, just think of these people and breath a sigh of relief as you count your blessings.

Please leave any additional info, ideas, or ways to help. Feel free to link up or share.

Goodnight my friends!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year, A New Resolution

Photo via Alphabetical Life

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I just wanted to say hello to you all and wish you a very happy, healthy, fabulous, New Year!

I anticipate 2010 to be a fantastic year!!!

I resolve to get back to blogging, even if it means lack of sleep. I miss you all and I hope that I can reconnect with my beautiful blogging friends after my petite haitus.

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