Sunday, October 12, 2008

Love, Love, Love!

More from this amazing design team! You should check out the incredible wallpaper they carry. It is delightful! I need to buy a bigger house just to be able to decorate the rooms because before I even get settled into a room I want to redo it! My poor husband. I love the wall paper & the drapery in the Green room & the floor in the Hot pink room is delicious! It makes me want to see the rest of the rooms. Sigh! My new, new, object of desire is that Black & Pink settee in the the Foyer. I think I may need to win the lottery, that would solve a lot of problems for me!
Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. Seriously fabulous sofa - I agree the wallpapers are gorgeous too.

  2. THese are GREAT rooms... lovely for a painting... I might have to come back and take these photos! J'adore them!


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