Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dressing Room Publicity stills for the King Kong Movie

Hello Friends!

I've been catching up on all of your blog posts and I am overwhelmed with the creativity and beauty you bring into my life!

Joan Crawford preparing for a scene

I have been so inspired and I am now obsessing over glamorous dressing rooms and the fabulous backstage life in theatre, Opera, Ballet, and movies.

I stumbled upon a picture of Marilyn Monroe getting ready in her dressing room, and I fell into the rabbit hole searching for more backstage images. So here are some of my favorites to share with you...Enjoy!

Penelope Cruz in part of an incredible photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz. I will do a post on the entire Film Noir shoot tomorrow...stay tuned!

The beautiful Betty Grable and her famous legs Backstage in her dressing room photographed by LIFE magazine.

A ballerina in her dressing room by William K Daby. Just breath taking!

Backstage at the Phantom

New Glamour! the dressing room of Kylie Minogue on her world tour. Fabulous!!!

A gorgeous ballerina backstage on the final night of the Nutcracker Ballet.
That's all for today! I want to set my powder room up to look like a glamorous Old Hollywood dressing room now! I can't wait for tomorrow's film Noir post. Have a fantastic day and a great week!!!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Miss You!

Photo from Faerieenchantment.blogspot

Bonjour My Dear Friends! I have been absent for so long and I miss you! Life has been a bit of whirlwind lately. Life made me prioritize my responsibilities and blogging had to take a back seat. However, I'm back!!!! I've missed you dearly and I've missed posting so much. I realize it is so therapeutic for me. I can't wait to catch up with all of you. I've been incognito reading your glorious posts and trying to stay up to date. So as I try to catch up I will leave you with some of the things I'm loving right now....

Photo from ReeseandMarie.blogspot

I am obsessing over anything apothecary right now! I love it all and I think I need to start collecting some beautiful vintage apothecary jars. I love the above image. It's just the inspiration I need :)

Gorgeous little cherubs frolicking in the fountains of Versailles via Flickr

I adore this indescribable French Aqua (?) color. What is it called anyway!?! I love it. All shades of it! From the Laduree signature color to the stunning patina on the fountains in Paris. I'm in love!

Photo via Flickr

I am on the hunt for a beautiful antique Absinthe Fountain. Ever since seeing a post that Lisa from Lisa Golightly's blog with her Absinthe fountain in her bathroom, I can't stop thinking of finding one. Incidentally Lisa has the most incredible items on her website Lisa Golightly. Her creations are spun from wishes and dreams!!!

Top hat from an auction

I found a gorgeous Victorian Beaver Top Hat at the flea market with the original leather case and I adore it.

Mary Poppins!!!! We are going to see the musical in November and I can't wait!!! I think I'll pop in the DVD tomorrow night and enjoy a bit of nostalgia from my childhood. My Mom and I used to love watching this movie together. Great memories.

Photo Via Flickr

I am still really into the vintage circus theme and I'm thinking that my son's birthday party needs to be this theme. If you have any idea or suggestions I would love to hear them!

French Military Shako

I ADORE military and band Shako right now. The pomp, the feathers, the decorations! I'm in heaven!
That's all for tonight but I will be back to my blogging now. I so appreciate all of your lovely comments and all of my blogging buddies. It all means so much to me. You have been such a great source of support and escape for me...Thank you!!!

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