Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fabulous Paris!

I just found this fantastic program on the Ovation channel. It is called simply..."Paris". It is in essence a walk through Paris and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide is a curator for the Louvre museum and is delightful to watch. The show is in English but has tons of French peppered in with subtitles. This episode that I saw today walked us through Les Galleries, and The Opera house, and so much more. I've looked into this channel as well, as I have never heard of it & they have some wonderful programming coming up this month. It is a channel that deals with Art, photography, music, culture, etc. I LOVE it!!! I can't wait for the next Paris to come on, I've already set my DVR :)
The above photo is from a voyage to Versailles, I couldn't resist adding it in!
Bisou mes amis!
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  1. GORGEOUS First & Second post! I have got to find that channel! Thank you for sharing and I am delighted to know you. I will be stopping by often! xo, Alys

  2. This sounds great! I will definitely check this station out! Congrats on your new blog,


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