Monday, February 28, 2011


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Hello Lovelies! I have been aching for Paris this last week or so and the feeling just won't go away! Maybe because Spring is approaching and there is no place in the world more beautiful in the Springtime. Maybe because I have been brushing up on my French while teaching the little Little Prince to speak it...Maybe, it is because I left my heart there the last time I left. Whatever the reason, here is a tiny dose of Paris and some interesting little tidbits to tide us over.

Via Tumblr

~ In Paris you are never more that 400 meters from a subway station.

~ The Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was first sung in Strasbourg, not Marseille.

~ The novel La Disparition by Georges Perec, in its original French does not use the letter 'e'.

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~ In French two weeks is in fact 15 days, quinze jours.

~ French politicians can simultaneously hold more than one elected office.

~ Lefevre is the most popular last name in France.

~ There are 27 wine regions in France.

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~ Comté cheese is best eaten 30 months after it is made.

~ Alsacien type homes are not considered immobilier, the French term for real estate that also means non-moveable, but in fact mobilier because they are demountable and thus can be moved. Alsacien type homes were built this way so that homes could be part of dowries.


~Facts via Americans In France~
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ziegfeld Follies

"Fred Astaire: Here's to the beautiful ladies, Here's to those wonderful girls, Adele's and Molly's, Lucille's and Polly's. You'll find them all at the Ziegfeld Follies."

 Cyd Charisse in the 1945 Hollywood musical ~ Ziegfeld Follies

Bonjour chéris! I just finished watching that amazing movie Ziegfeld Follies. I am still trying to catch my breath! The costumes, the dance routines, the stars...Oh my!

Dolores Costello ~ Ziegfeld Girl

 The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions, inspired by the Folies Bergéres of Paris, on Broadway in from 1907 through 1931.

Ziegfeld Girl

The Follies were extremely lavish revues that included many of the days most popular performers. The Follies may have been most known for the beautiful girls that graced the stage.

 Lilyan Tashman ~ Ziegfeld Girl

These girls were known for always being decked out in the most elaborate and beautiful costumes. The costumes were often made by designers such as Erté, Lady Duff Gordon, and Ben Ali Haggi. The next morning the talk of New York would always be the ensembles.

The glorious Louise Brooks ~ She was a featured dancer for the Follies in 1925

I love that the movie includes some actual numbers from the original Follies shows on Broadway and showcases so many of Hollywood's brightest stars of the time. It is such an over the top spectacle that it just makes you feel like dancing!

Stay tuned for an incredible giveaway in the next few weeks and a post about my first trip to an auction & the goodies I brought home. I can't wait!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old Hollywood Glamour

Ditas collection of pointe shoes used in her performances

Bonjour! I had so much fun with the last post filled with corsets and feminine frills that I decided to post about the Queen of corsets and femininity...Dita Von Teese.

 An outfit used in her carousel horse act as displayed in her home

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dita feature in February's In Style showcasing her home. I love the way she lives and enjoys all of her vintage treasures daily. She really is a throwback to that glamorous age in Hollywood. She is rarely without her pinup Red lips and stockings.

The article was fascinating and the photos were glorious! If you have not seen it I highly encourage you to check out the pictures. They just ooze glamour, vintage swank, and retro beauty.

A small portion of Ditas vintage hat collection. She owns more than 300!

After that Jean Harlow~esque spread in In Style I searched for more photos of her "Old Hollywood" home. Unfortunately, these were all of the photos I could find.

I recently purchased her Burlesque book on Amazon and I have to tell you, it's gorgeous. The photos are over the top glamour and luxury. The content is well written and had me enthralled.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Confectionery Delights

     ~Cherry Blue Corset~

Maya Hansen Corsetry has won my heart! What girl (or guy) wouldn't love these confections?

      ~Calippo Corset~

Madrid born Maya Hansen dreamt up this incredible cake collection. Cakes and candies inspired this frivolous and whimsical collection. Colorful brocades and supple suede combine to make an incredible statement. A colorful bang of trimmings and patterns that evoke the fantastical and lavish court of Versailles.   

~The Marie Antoinette~

I dream of a Lingerie closet full of the most decadent and beautiful pieces...Just like these. A little piece of heaven!

~Mint & Chocolate Corset~

HappyValentine's Day!

All images via Maya Hansen Corsetry
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