Friday, March 27, 2009

A Wild Day!

Bonjour My Friends! Comment ca va? I have just had the most wonderful day with my little Prince (who is back to his gentlemanly way, thank goodness) and my two best friends. We went to the Zoo and had too much fun for one day. So, I am posting a quick post, a random bit of info, and some pics from the desktop to remind me of my beloved Paris. Enjoy!
The first image is from Le boudoir et sa Philosophie in Paris. It is a beautiful little shop at 18, rue Charlot and I fall in love a little bit more every time I step inside for a visit. Carla Vizzi is the mastermind behind this fabulous shop. She strives to make it a place that rediscovers the Art of the 18th-century Boudoir. Carla works with craftsmen who recreate 18th century art and she also sells antiques, she looks for elements that may have been found in Marie Antoinette's boudoir. Most of you have probably heard of Carla and her site but I am loving silhouettes right now and had to use this image :)

These decals for the wall are so fun. Nice for those of us with commitment issues when it comes to decorating! A pretty pair of shoes and a stack of books...what more could a girl ask for!?!

I have no idea where this image came from but I love it. Makes me want to throw a lavish Tea party and invite all of you!

A gown from the Met. This is one of my favorites. A modern day Marie~Antoinette.

Ah, Les puces , this was one of my very favorite posts. I have many fond memories in these stalls. I am determined to go back soon. I was trying to go on the next trip with Claudia from The Paris Apartment (if you have not already been to visit her incredible site, please take a peek, you will be astounded by the beauty you will see). The Pink chair in the back haunts me!

Stunning! The dress is pretty too but I was looking at the walls and ceiling! :) I need professional help!

A forgotten corner in the halls of Versailles. Simple and enchanting.
That's all for today my friends, I should get some sleep now.
Bon nuit!
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  1. That blue dress, oh my gosh! So pretty! What a lovely post.

  2. the black dress from the Met is haunting me....oh and how could anyone forget that corner at Versailles??

  3. Bonjour Judith! What a gown!! I'm in awe with the regality of it, the colour is just that perfect hue of blue. And- how I wish I could get to les puces! I went back to reread your post on it- love it! Have a wonderful Friday:)

  4. Ca va bien, merci - but you already know that =) Glad your little Prince is back to normal! I love the chair silhouette photo, it's so simple but still gorgeously styled!
    And: Thank you, as always, for your generous comments. I really appreciate your support and kindness!
    Have a lovely Friday (or will it be Saturday when you wake up? I never seem to get the hang of this time difference thingy)!

    Big hug,

  5. I love this post! If this is considered a quick,random post, then give us more....absolutely wonderful images for a Friday. Have
    a great weekend and happy to her the little one is back to being world-friendly.

  6. I love the zoo, I'm so glad that you had a good time and that the prince is back to his gentlemanly way!
    The pictures are stunning - that midnight blue gown is to die for, and your pink chair is now haunting me as well! Dreamy!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Isa

  7. Beautiful, beautiful images Judith, xv.

  8. Thanks for sharing that fabulous shop, Judith! I just love that chair decal. This was a beautiful start to my morning. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Catherine xx

  9. Beautiful images. I love the modern day Marie Antoinette dress. I also love the pale pink and ivory striped fabric chair at les puces. Thank you for filling my morning dose for beauty.

  10. Awww Just love it... thanks for my morning walk through my favorite city in the world! iIam heartsick these days and miss it SO much... Your posts takes the edge away...or maybe it makes it worse... whichever Thank You!

  11. Versailles was so fantastic!

  12. Hi Judith~

    What a lovely day you had with your Little Prince. Sounds almost magical. These are really beautiful pictures you found, I love, the forgotten corner in a hall of Versailles. Lovely!

    May you have a wonderful weekend!

    ~Miss Kris~

  13. Delightful chair decal !
    But, alas, the Super SWISH of that
    big black dress just takes me away ...


  14. ooh la la ....
    you have such a stylish eye !!

    what a faboo bunch of shots.

    i am smiling.


  15. Lovely post - but most important is hearing the lovely smile in your "voice" - happy to know the storm has passed.

  16. Oh my, that dress takes my breath away! I stumbled on your blog and have had a wonderful time reading and looking at all your beautiful photos! I have to add you to my favorites!
    Please visit my anytime!
    I can;t wait to see what you post next!

  17. J'adooore the dresses and the charming little hallway at Versailles. WOuldn't you love to be let loose to explore the chateau when it's closed to tourists?

  18. Thanks for all the lovely Marie A. inspiration! I am needing it right now as I am participating in a Marie swap :)


  19. Judith, you have to come to Paris with me! Your eye, your passion! Bring the little prince, we'll have a ball at the ball! Can I borrow that pink dress?

  20. What a wonderful blog - so glad to have found you. Great addition to my blog roll.



  21. hmmmmm, I think I'll take the gown and while we're at it you can throw in the chairs too ................. I wish !!!
    Love your posts - so happy I found your blog !!!

  22. What a great site with all those wonderful products. And I love the chairs, I've been on the hunt for something like that for my living room.

  23. These are great photos and I too was looking at the walls and mirror etc and not the dress!

    You always have the best blog post on pictures.


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