Tuesday, March 10, 2009


9 Rue Madame, Paris, France
Phone: 01-4284-0300 Parisians, movie stars, and travelers from around the world adore this magical and whimsical floral boutique near the Eglise St.-Sulpice.

All of the above images are from this site here. Which unfortunately for me is in another language but the images are gorgeous.

The Florist is known for its bouquets of deliciously smelling flowers as their very name suggests. Whether it's black roses, white lilies or lavender snow peas, all of the bouquets are designed to smell magnificent.
Image from Domino mag
The porcelain flower in the glass dome is by botanically inspired ceramist Antonella Haffaf. Look at that giant peony! Amazing!

Photo from Domino mag
The rose ancienne is very special at Odorantes as is their incredible Black Baccara rose, this boutique is the ultimate in Parisian floral chic.

Emmanuel Sammartino and Christophe Hervé who run this delicious establishment are so incredibly amiable in person. They truly strive to make one's every dream come true and really tailor the bouquets to the recipient. Both are true artists.

Each bouquet comes wrapped in chic black paper with a poem tucked inside. Clients include Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, and the fashion houses Chanel, Givenchy, Gaultier, and Céline.
The boutique is painted in a matte Grey to showcase the beauty of the flowers and the taxidermy animals lend a different feeling to the decor. It is a stunning little shop to visit and maybe splurge on a fragrant Black rose bouquet. Happy smelling!

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  1. Next time in Paris - I am definitely going there, xv.

  2. If I lived nearby, I would be there daily for the aroma.
    The flowers seem to pop against that matte grey.
    just stunning.

  3. ho I miss stylish places ,,,,, !! stylish people !! imagine this morning I had to design a throne , a tacky bulky huge throne for local small tribal bedouin . Louis Xv Farouck of the desert ... good test is so so so rare over here

  4. good morning,

    from the appearance of your 'preview pic' on my sidebar , i thought the 1st pic was of a bird wearing a hat....
    whew...i crack myself up.

    (i was a tiny bit disappointed) LOL



  5. Thank you for sharing this tres chic florist. So clever to use gray walls to showcase flowers, it's on my list to visit next trip...I've been thinking alot about visiting Paris again lately.
    But visiting your blog is doing it for me right now!

  6. Seems like Paris has got everything... Great find!

  7. DELICIOUSLY beautiful!!! White lilies, lavender snow peas and black roses, what Beauty!

  8. Only in Paris, as they say! Wish this was my neighborhood floral boutique. I think that the jumbo flower in the third picture under the name of the shop, is paper. I have one exactly like it that I bought at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC years ago. You always find the most beautiful things!
    Catherine xx

  9. wow, I definitely have to make that a stop the next visit. It's good to see you back! Thanks for the Parisian inspiration.

  10. Beautiful reminder that Spring is finally on the way! Pretty post, Judith! {xoxo} Juls~

  11. Hi Judith,

    Paris really has got it all, I couldn't agree more.

    Things must take some extra time, that little extra touch that makes us remember by smelling for example.

    Good to have you back again.

    Take care,

  12. Hi Judith! Your pics are truly gorgeous and this shop looks stunning. Love what these guys do. Wish I were as talented!


  13. Thank you for visiting my blog.Good to know Katherine is still alive.Bouquets sound lovely!

  14. Merci Judith! Tu trouves toujours les choses les plus magnifiques! Je ne peux m'en passer! Thanks, you made my day:)

  15. Wonderful post, Paris has got everything. It's got to be the most stylish city in Europe.

  16. Judith,
    Thank you so much for sharing this post about this incredibly chic and artistic flower shop. The next time I go to Paris, I will definitely have to visit it and faire du leche-vitrine (window shop)! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I just love meeting such interesting people in the blog world!

  17. This is so pretty. I saw a similar store in Paris and was stunned by how artistic the arrangements were. The owners are so talented!

  18. Wonderful post and loved all the fabulous flowers.

    Paris really has the best shops ~ you have to love everything about that stylish City.

  19. I just went to this beautiful shop yesterday, it's absolutely heaven as are the owners....xx

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