Monday, January 5, 2009

If These Walls Had Ears!

I don't know these people but they can jump high &have fun in the cold,
I'm booking my next trip with them! I'll take Paris even in this storm, it's pure magic! Photo from USA Today all other photos via Flickr
Bonjour! I just heard that the Eiffel tower had to close today because of the snow brought in from the big storm they are having. Brrr...the pictures look icy, it's currently -7 C. My husband found this great web site and we watched the sun rise in Paris together just now! Not quite as romantic as being there but pretty darn romantic for being in our jammies and sitting at the computer! Okay, now for my regular post...
The Walls of Versailles, if only these walls could talk!

Vernis style wall
These are all examples of the walls found in Versailles
The wall hangings are changed with the seasons. Many of them are original and many of them have been carefully reconstructed from shreds and pieces of the originals using the exact same techniques and occasionally even using the same manufacturer that they used so long ago!

In the Gardens

The writing is on the wall! Incredible

The King's chamber

Along the water

When the revolutionaries stormed Versailles they were said to be looking to for the walls made of Gold and Diamonds, they might not have found Diamonds but Gold indeed!

I remember trying to count how many different kinds of marble there was around the chateau! That's just crazy there are way too many to count. The colors of the marble are exquisite.

This is my favorite

I am in awe, even the arches are made of marble. It makes me wish we could see the original Trianon they called the "Porcelain Trianon"

What a contrast from the opulence inside but still so perfect and beautiful

I remember seeing these, the whole room is lined with them and each panel has a different theme (all just gorgeous), however, I cannot recall the room they lined. I do know there is a story here (I will do some research). I love this color.

The best part about the walls in Versailles is that many are actually secret doorway! For example in the library there is a bookcase (faux) that opens to reveal a hidden doorway and of course we all know of the Queens escape through the hidden door in her bedroom.

A closer picture of the wallcovering. I think I am going to try to hang silk wallcovering in my Powder Room. Growing up the walls in my Mom's bathroom were done in a beautiful Grey textured Silk (almost like Raw Silk but not quite). It was so pretty and reminded me of the walls in Versailles, so opulent, and in a bathroom!?!

The wife of the Dauphin's apartment, notice the Parrot so chic for the time period.
If you have any info or great stories about the walls in Versailles I would love to hear about it!
Well, I could go on for days with these walls and more so I have to stop myself here. More tomorrow, I hope you enjoyed it!

Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. WOW! What a stunning post! I've been to Versailles a couple times and didn't see everything you showed. It's really an infinite world, isn't it? Thanks for the glorious peek and the site with the sunrise. I'll set my alarm!

  2. I love the parrot, but what is so intriguing is that writing on the wall. Any idea what it says and how far dated it is? Love your post.

  3. I just came to the realization that I really, really LOVE walls! I was so excited by this post that I thought to myself, "Get a grip!"
    Something about pattern, texture, and age. Thanks J.

  4. Judith ~ You did it again! Girl, how do you find the time!??! :)
    I love Versailles so much, it is really endless with SO much to discover.
    One of my last visits to the chateau, we were lucky enough to take a tour through the Queen's opera house. It was AMAZING!!!!

  5. I just found your blog through the paris apartment. Your pictures are wonderful! I am in love with the site you linked for live shots of Paris! Can you tell me which camera will show the sunrise? I am beside myself with anticipation of watching it from SoCal. Thank you!

  6. How much fun is that top photo? Such a beautiful post -- Versailles is one of my favourite places, and it's lovely to see it again, if only in these wonderful images.

  7. This post just warms me up, even if the first picture was rather frosty! if only things like walls, hallways and fire screens could talk! They have the best stories. But I am glad not to be the only one who doesn't mind staring at a wall and imagining its past!

  8. I think you posted your comment to me on my friend's blog but I found it! Thank you for the info on the sunrises in Paris.

  9. Enjoyed it immensely as always! It's so funny to see the wallpapers, these patterns have become so popular again lately.

  10. Judith! I love the shot of the scrolly wooden molding with the wall showing through. It looks like it's antiqued with gold or worn. I'm imagining that piece mounted to a mirror instead of a wall with the intricate moldings twining on top of the mirror! How awesome would that be! Oh yes, and scaled to fit perfectly in my newly renovated master bath! *It's good to dream...*

  11. I just love your blog, i could look your photos you post all day long. thanks so much
    please visit us
    happy new year

  12. every shot was perfection. you are something else !!

    the details...... the vibrant and the subdued colors,
    the aged textures, the peeling paint with the old hardware blew me away.
    not to mention, you are quite the photographer.

    i can only thank you for this fabulous entry.

  13. Truly Magnificent! Sigh! Ooooh to live like a Parisian princess in the royal Versailles! Beautiful post!
    I love the Paris Live web Cam... I watch it often!
    BTW... stay tuned... a ballgown series is coming!

  14. So beautiful! As always. So I gave you an award:

  15. J -
    What a delicious post ... . all those close ups and petite details!
    I swoon for the marble arches - J

  16. Judith!

    I love the site. Thank you for sharing that. As for the beautiful walls, that is one of the very reasons I love the Versailles or 18th century European design for that matter....there was no such thing as a bare or simple wall. Walls were considered an artist's canvas. If I could, I would embellish every wall in my home with molding or wallpaper. As usual, great post.

  17. Beautiful! each one so unique- thank you so much and thanks for posting the cool is that?

  18. I was actually at Versailles on the day you posted this piece. (Jan 5th) I am a jewelry designer and was awestruck by the beautiful designs throughout the entire chateau...but in particular the walls.

    I spent the day taking photographs of many of the same details that you show here and had my sister do the same with her amazing camera. How wonderful to find someone else who saw this most glorious place in such a similar fashion!

    Thanks for sharing your insight...once I get the photos from my sister I'll have to share them...



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