Friday, March 20, 2009

Bonjour Friends! It has been an absolutely aggravating and frustrating week at Chez Paris Atelier. My little one year old, who is otherwise a perfect angel and a very good little child, has me at my wits end! I'm so frustrated and so sleep deprived. I am craving 30 minutes of uninterrupted "me time" like a caged animal! If you told me I could take a shower and read a good book, I may react as though you told me I won the lottery! Hopefully it is just something temporary, I think it may be his little molars coming in (poor thing) in any case, I just want some sense of normalcy to enter back into our home! He's not only not sleeping well (which he always has) but he's been a terror all day for the last week. Whining, crying, throwing petite tantrums! Oh Lord! If any of you have any advice on how to get my little Gentleman back (last week he had beautiful manners, this week, not~so~much), I would love to hear it! If you have felt this frustration before, please share! I need some words of encouragement :( What am I doing wrong?

Okay, Now that I have vented and shared with you a little bit about the chaos over here, on to my regular post.
I am dying to do another post on some fabulous photos I found in Paris but I could not wait to share with you some wonderful blogs that I have recently discovered. Hopefully some will be new to you as well, I just know that I am smitten! Enjoy...

The first three photos are from an amazing new blogger that I recently found and am now addicted to. It is A Gift Wrapped Life and it is heavenly. Sande, writes about choosing the perfect gifts, where to find them, and best of all how to wrap them beautifully. I swear the wrapping alone would be gift enough for me, so pretty! She shares things from her life, design, of course the wrapping aspect, and best of all her inspiration. She is so warm hearted and kind. She also has a web site called Oooh La La Cadeau which is a fantastic site, I loved looking at everything, her talent and style are flawless. I have to say, my Mom always wrapped her gifts so elegantly and perfectly, she took special care in always choosing the perfect gift for the recipient, reading Sande's posts always reminds me of my special Mom! :)

The next fabu gal is from Baby Cherie Sweets a warning though, what you about to see will make you hungry and derail your diet! She and I seem to have so much in common and her site is just fantastic. She is a baker and loves all things French, that is great and dangerous combination!

Her blog is very retro in feeling and you can find the history of the Macaron (my favorite post). She also shares with us some sweet little recipes. These two images are from her blog. Truly a delicious place to visit!
My next new friend is the lovely A La Parisienne who I also feel like I have a lot in common with. She used to be a French teacher and her creativity blows me away!

Her images are breathtaking and her talent is enviable. I just loved reading her profile page and she is so imaginative and real. I am a HUGE fan of this blog!

Oh, there is also some fabulous French music to take you away on a dream to Paris. The three images above are from A La Parisienne

My final new obsession right now is Simply Seductive. This site is incredible, I feel glamorous just clicking onto her new posts! I had such a hard time choosing images from her site (I ended up with these three, I just love the one with Dita Von Teese) because they are all glorious and stunning.
She has a ton of fashion and decor, models and photography. It is a beautiful escape going to her blog. I'm in awe of all of the fabulous shoes I see!

The above image says it all! What else do you need?
That's all I have today my friends, thanks for letting me rant and rave and also share some beautiful things with you! I swear this blogging is better than therapy for me. I feel a little better already. Hopefully, I will have more patience and a better day tomorrow! Bon Nuit! (My French has become so poor lately, I need to practice more, I can't believe how fast I forget)!
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  1. Hi Judith,
    Thank you so much for your comments on my butterfly posts! I see that I have to be careful what I post, or your office will be brimming with butterfly items!
    Looks like you've found some lovely blogs for us to visit!
    Have a wonderful weekend Judith.
    Hugs, Trudi

  2. I love the images, and your banner is very you!

    As for le petit, have you tried a little Bonjela rubbed gently on his gums, a teaspoonful of Calpol for calming his pains (my doctor swore by it for all his 4 children)?

    I am off to look at those other blogs now - thank you for brightening Blogland with your creativity!

  3. Ha Ha, been there. Sounds like our "Angel" might be teething. Get some lidocaine. Although I heard rubbing whiskey on the gums can help too.

    Whenever my little Angel acts up like this, not sleeping at night it has been because of the new teeth coming in. We just dealt with the pre molars a few weeks ago.

  4. Allo Judith thanks for another beautiful post. I will definitely go check out the links- I think I'd probably have a lot in common with La Parisienne, myself!

    As for your little guy...I promise, no seriously, I do promise- it will get better. I've found that with mine, they were always a little edgier just before a bug. My 7 year-old is still that way. You may try to get him to be outside a little longer (spring is in the air and the little ones, I find, really feel the season change)- then get him to bed a little earlier, snuggle up with him; you probably need the rest as well;) Oh, and, indulging in a bubble bath can be sooo relaxing. Hey, the weekend is almost here;)

  5. Hi Judith,
    First and foremeost, Your little one is likely just teething (my husband is a dentist so I'll ask him again) but if memory serves me right I think that's probably it) so the poor little tike is hurting I think. Just needs tender loving care right now, it will be gone soon. Secondly, and equally important, your mention of my blog is one of the nicest "gifts" I have ever received. It was all wrapped up with the absolute best packaging...kind support from a fellow blogger of immmense talent! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let's meet one day in Paris!
    Sande Chase xoxo

  6. Judith,

    I am so seriously blushing. Thank you so very much for the mention and sweet compliments. You are a doll :) This without a doubt has made my day!

    The pics in this post from all the different pages are spectacular! I cannot wait to check them all out.

    Have a fantastic weekend!! and thank you again:)


  7. Wow! What an inspiring way to begin the first day of spring! I clicked on before making my coffee and it's at least a half hour later already. All the sites were full of enticing and romantic pastels. Your site is like a big cherry blossom today! Just always. Hope your little guy settles down for the weekend. Sorry I can't give advice - I know NOTHING about kids!
    But hope you get some much deserved rest.
    Happy Spring Judith!

  8. aaahhh the little prince - it probably is the teeth. There's nothing you can do but sleep when he does and you'll get through it. Just be lucky he's a boy - girls throw tantrems until they are twenty ! It's all worth it - my three are my loves and such tonic for me !

    Posts are lovely - the first one I follow - the others are new and looking wonderful.
    Am still LOVING you new banner

    Hang in there dear - this too shall pass.

  9. You are so incredibly sweet! I sense you are an extremely warm and sensitive person. Thank you! I look forward to exploring your blog in more detail (you have an impressive following), as well as the other blogs you recommend. Concerning your little man, take heart, it shall pass. If you haven't already tried it, I believe there are special soothers that can be placed in the freezer to relieve the poor thing from his pain. P.S. you're doing fine... all the best!

    Thanks again and have a fantastic and hopefully relaxing weekend!

    cmoi :))

  10. your new banner is too fabulous !!!

    you always have the most beautiful post !!!


  11. Sweet Judith~

    Such beauty you find. All these images are so breathtaking!!! I can't wait to check out all these wonders. Thank you for being so inspiring! Lovely Post!

    Good luck with your little one...even dear little Prince’s have their moments.

  12. ok, I typed my long winded comment 3 times and 3 times this system kicked me out. *ugh* So I'll just say hi Judith and yes, it will get better and thanks for the links.

  13. GREAT imagines!!!
    Hang in there... you will make it... that is the best advice I can give you... there is NO true advice when it comes to raising children... you must fly by the seat of your pants or dress or ball gown!

  14. Judith,
    I hope that you and your little man will get some good rest this weekend. So sorry to hear that your week was so crazy!
    I love the new blogs your featured, I am off to check them out!

  15. Judith!!! Come to my site to pick up your award:)

  16. Beautiful post Judith! You should enter my Spring Fling giveaway!! xoLynn

  17. Judith,
    I just stopped in to visit your blog I am! Quelle bonne surprise! I had no idea that you mentioned me. Thank you so much for the heartfelt comments about me and my blog. A Gift Wrapped Life is one of my favorite blogs. She is so talented and her work is parfait and all of her work is so inspiring! The other blogs mentioned are new to me and look magnifique!I can't wait to check them out!

    I would offer advice about teething if I had any experience My 10.5 month old is still toothless! Ha! One of these days I may be asking you for some teething advice!

  18. We swore by a liquid called SM33...brilliant. It doesn't come off like the gels do. You just get a cotton bud (q-tip) and dip it in, then paint it on. It has lignocaine in it to deaden the area. Adults use it for ulcers and the like. Just don't let them talk you into the gel form...not as good.
    Your new finds sound wonderful...I am going to have to have a look now.
    Ness xx

  19. Judith, my friend... I had to pop back over to give you a message... I saw my post and I sooooo thought something looked familiar... voila... I saw it HERE in this post... I've added a little something to my post for you and another fellow blogger... here it is "P.S. My sincere apologies to Char of Ramblin' ... I'm sorry the fairies turned your luggage PINK and to Paris Atelier I'm sorry the fairies stole your dress right off the runway!"
    Oooooh... and Pink Champagne with you sounds divine and I'm sure we could "polish off a bottle" as you say! Just when!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  20. Hey Girl! I am worn out as well as my kids were off of school for a week. I too feel like I've won the lottery if I could just take an uninterupted bath and catch up on some reading! I love the sites you mentioned (especially the gift-wrap one) and Tiffany blue is my favorite color :) Do they sell baby oragel there? That's what I used to numb the pain when my kids were teething. I hope you get a break this weekend! Blogging is definitely a way to start. It's so therapeutic!

    Sandy xox

  21. I just fell IN LOVE with your blog!! I think I am the late bloomer...I'm sorry you had a bad week :(

  22. Judith,
    Lovely silky blue...and the images are a treasure. May the house chaos settle as your images have settled me...artistic, friend. <3

  23. Hi Judith! OMG how I remember the torture of sleep deprevation! My only advise would be tylenol and lots of cuddling. I know there are special toys that are out there to put in the fridge and let them gum to death. I would imagine by now you have probably already found something. My heart goes out to you. Sometimes it feels like it will never end, especially when your exhausted....but this too shall pass and your little gentleman will be back in no time!

    Thanks for the links :). What talented ladies! I can only aspire to be as pulled together as these ladies (and you!) are. Take care and get your hubby to take a shift so you can rest!

  24. I am rather new at this blog business...absolutely love yours...i can only dream of standing on a roof in Paris wearing such a trips to paris are rather short and straight to the buy buy (not for myself ...helas)

  25. Hope you will be abble to take time very soon, it will mean everyhting go better. Love your pictures, they are always the best

  26. This post was a feast for the eyes! So many beautiful pictures, and so many new blogs to discover. A good way to spend an hour on a Monday morning!

    As far as the children are great sleepers from the age of 4 months; after that time, when they would wake at night, it was usually due to teething. I would give them a little tylenol or motrin before bed which seemed to do the trick!

  27. Those Eiffel Towers are a bit phallic don't you think :)?

    It's not you - it's your 1 year old. Hang in there! It'll get worse before it get's better.

  28. Thanks so much for your wonderful post on my made my day...
    As for advise on how to cope with a one year old, please...enjoy every minute of it with or without sleep as within a blink of eye horror of all horror, he will turn into a TEENAGER!!
    do I have stories..
    If you ever want to practice your french stop by whenever you are in LA or NY...i will love to chat

  29. Judith,
    Thanks for sweet comment on my site.... Oh one can feel completely mad when you are sleep deprived. The whole world can feel like it is falling apart. I know when my kids have gone through those phases you really feel like they are NEVER going to end but the ALWAYS do.. so just try to remember that.
    Love all of the pretty images!
    x Trina

  30. love Dita in blue dress image :)

  31. What a wonderful lineup! I'm definitely checking all of these blogs out!

    Karen Olivia

  32. sigh. what a fabulous post! inspiring, and beyond great. Merci!

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