Friday, December 26, 2008


Bonjour My Friends!!! Unfortunately, I am being kidnapped this weekend. My husband is taking me on a petite adventure this weekend. Don't be jealous though! He is an avid dirt~bike rider and is forcing me to go (I mean whisking me away) to the desert with him! It is dirty and sandy, but I'll be with him so that's all that matters! I'll be back next week & start posting then (after I take a shower)! Have a beautiful weekend!

Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. Has your husband taken you to Pismo beach yet?
    As a fellow Californian, I have been swept away to Pismo for a couple of weekends that can be very very loosely called "romantic"! We do what we have to do.And, hey, so do they. Steve just came with me to see the new Brad Pitt movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Marriage is a compromise!
    BTW: Great movie!


  2. Have a divine (though sandy) weekend... . your thoughtful comments were so very appreciated! I've a story to share regarding that glorious emerald necklace of Mrs. Posts' - which you featured in your jewelry post. It can wait 'til post dirt bike ... . (the other) Judith

  3. hahaha my poor Paris Atelier getting carried away to the desert on a dirt bike! how romantic.

  4. GREAT photo! ENJOY the dirt and romance!

  5. Don't get your diamonds dirty! Have fun and wear a helmet!

  6. Have fun on your little adventure! hehe Get dirty!

  7. I imagine that the lady on the couch is also the biker-lady out to dirty up her boots. Sigh. Soon to return to the mansion, if not rested, relieved. I just came over from Thousand Clapping Hands. Pretty display and a needed French fix!

  8. Good luck Judith! You might end up having fun... Do tell us everything when you return!

  9. How was your little trip? Where did he wisk you off to?


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