Monday, February 28, 2011


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Hello Lovelies! I have been aching for Paris this last week or so and the feeling just won't go away! Maybe because Spring is approaching and there is no place in the world more beautiful in the Springtime. Maybe because I have been brushing up on my French while teaching the little Little Prince to speak it...Maybe, it is because I left my heart there the last time I left. Whatever the reason, here is a tiny dose of Paris and some interesting little tidbits to tide us over.

Via Tumblr

~ In Paris you are never more that 400 meters from a subway station.

~ The Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was first sung in Strasbourg, not Marseille.

~ The novel La Disparition by Georges Perec, in its original French does not use the letter 'e'.

 ~Via Tumblr~

~ In French two weeks is in fact 15 days, quinze jours.

~ French politicians can simultaneously hold more than one elected office.

~ Lefevre is the most popular last name in France.

~ There are 27 wine regions in France.

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~ Comté cheese is best eaten 30 months after it is made.

~ Alsacien type homes are not considered immobilier, the French term for real estate that also means non-moveable, but in fact mobilier because they are demountable and thus can be moved. Alsacien type homes were built this way so that homes could be part of dowries.


~Facts via Americans In France~
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  1. oh I miss it too! Wouldn't it be grand if we could jet away in a moment's notice ~ imagine the fun we could have together!


  2. Bonjour Judith,
    It must be time for a quick trip. I didn't about the two week thing...I must be out of it!
    Bon semaine,

  3. Lovely pics and fun facts Judith.....xv

  4. I cant wait to go there. Something I have on the must do list. Your images are just perfect!
    Ness xx
    Hope you are well gorgeous

  5. it is rally good in septmeber too Judith, time to save upo for a fare. XO

  6. An absolutely beautiful post and some fun details that I didn't know!! Such a dreamy post having gotten to ghe comment section I feel as if I've just woken into the real world ... maybe I need to dive back up into Paris again! Thanks, lovely! xo

  7. My Dear Judith,
    Oh I know. Your words are written thoughts that float around in my head everyday. BEAUTIFUL POST my precious friend! I wish you all the sweets and streets in Paris today! I wish you all the soft spoken words in French and smiles and faces of strangers in Paris today! I wish you Port de Vannes and a cup of Cafe in Pars today! I wish you French blue skys and the stone grey walls in Paris today! I could forever write in this space for you wishing you every little thing that we miss about our beloved Angel named Paris.
    Hugs & loves to you my dear Madame Judith~
    p.s. Go outside, have a cup of hot steaming tea...look up in the sky and you will be there:)

  8. I only went to France for two days, but I miss Paris all the time! We went in the Spring, and I am yearning for it right about now as well! Thanks for this post!

  9. Beautiful post, with stunning pictures. Everything you say speaks to me and to my love of France.
    Seductively French

  10. hello Judith i love your blog so ive just subscribed Im off to Paris in March so its always good to get a fix !! Fay xx

  11. I love, love, love the photos! I am missing Paris too, but will happily be there in 2 months!

  12. Je t'aime!!!! Lovely inspiration....and I'm going in TWO weeks :) :) :)Have a beautiful weekend!


  13. Judith it was so wonderful to hear the little details! I would love to go to Paris right now, it is freezing here!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  14. I absoluetly LOVE the photos and being another francophile I too can't wait to return to the beautiful Par-eee. Only 2 months to go!! See you then beautiful City of Light!

  15. I used to read Le Petit Prince to my children, my favorite novella, and at night would tell them tales and stories of Saint Exupery's life.I am often between Paris and New York ...sometimes for a day only..and never...never..take the beauty of Paris for granted. I always get a smile on my face as my taxi drops me off in front of my hotel...almost second home. Paris has a certain smell that hits you with...yes, you are in Paris!!

  16. Your blog is pure bliss!


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