Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrating Magic

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!

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Hello! I have been enjoying every second of this beautiful holiday season and just wanted to pop in to say hello and I miss YOU!

Attik72 Window Decal

Our holidays are generally very busy (as I'm sure most are). My husbands birthday comes just after Thanksgiving and my Little Prince's birthday is actually Christmas day so we throw him a big party every year at the beginning of December to make sure he has his own special day. I can't believe my Precious is already turning Three!

The decorating has been done, the gifts have been carefully chosen, and now I have to wrap my heart out (Í chose a Kraft paper and muted toned ribbon with some glitz for the packaging) and bake, bake, bake! I've decided to attempt to make Croquembouche! I'll let you know how that goes...

The legendary Ceil Chapman ~ Vintage

So, I  am looking forward to the holiday parties, the cookie exchange with my friends, the traditional trip to see the Christmas lights, Caroling...and...a big surprise from my Best Friend...Dinner at the legendary Club 33 inside of the Disneyland park! I am so excited! The best part of the season is of course, spending time with the family and watching the little Prince play with his cousins and thoroughly experience the magic that is...Christmas.

Wishing you Magic this season!

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  1. Happy Holiday's, Judith. I love the photo of the silver tree...both my grandmothers had one and one of them rotated and made a very strange foil rattling sound. (The tree - not one of my grandmothers. Ha!) So sixties. I've made a Croquemboche before and it was fun. The caramel is easy, the cream puffs finicky...but there are good videos that you can watch ahead of time for pointers. I hope your season is Magic, too!
    Catherine xx

  2. Sounds like you have some lovely traditions. What do you do for cookie exchange? Fiona

  3. Happy Holidays! Have a wonderful time...LOVE the photos!! Lynn

  4. Happy holidays, i love your photos and that woman in the pink dress with the silver christmas tree.. so beautiful. Carla

  5. A Merry Christmas and happy times with your dear family!
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to the Little Prince and your husband!


  6. Bonjour Judith,
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful month of celebrations. The croquembouche is always so beautiful!
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!

  7. Dear Judith~
    Your posts are always SO worth the wait!! Precious & few but so special! Merry Christmas to you my friend! Thank you for being such a sparkle through the whole year~~
    Three kisses,

  8. Sending you much love and joy this holiday season ~ I know you will indulge in all the festive splendor!

  9. Ah! Such magical pictures! I've not come across croquembouche before, I'll have to look it up. Happy christmas :) xx

  10. Love all your pictures...

    especially the colorful wreath:)

  11. I"m not usually fond of non-traditional (not green LOL) wreaths - but that one is just fab! Looks like a stage set for The Nutcracker - all pastels and bubble-like!

    Lovely post!

  12. Oooh, I'm melting at the sight of that gorgeous pic! The gown is absolutely gorge and the tree tres magnifique!! especially with those pink roses!! I just might have to share that on my blog!! Happy Holidays! xoxo


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