Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Time...

I've been loving the series Boardwalk Empire on HBO. It makes me dream of another time and world. Here are some Etsy finds inspired by those fabulous roaring 20's!

The series Boardwalk Empire was inspired by a book based on a true story. It is set in Atlantic city at the dawn of the prohibition.

Maclancy on Etsy

The sets are incredible and the fashions are amazing! It's hard to believe that this story is bases on true events. It's riveting.

Piperewan on Etsy

You can catch it on Sunday nights on HBO. Have a great weekend mes amis!
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  1. Oh...this Lilly Lange treasure is so gorgeous:-)*

    I love all vintage look details in fashion accessoires and from''another time'' fabulos,full of joy,beautiful things!!!

    Wish you relax,lovely weekend,
    Hugs and Love,

  2. LOVE Boardwalk Empire! And these photos are great!

  3. I adore the second image she is so glamorous!!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway....I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  4. One of my favorite time periods. My Grandmother always vacationed in A.C. I went there often as a child and I actually lived there right before and during the time period when they were building the first casino. It was very much like the movie 'Atlantic City' with Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon. Sadly, it's about as tacky as a place can be now, but it is very near home and so I go about once a year - mostly for the memories. Hope you get that vacation you've been longing for!
    Catherine xx

  5. Oh my...wish I had HBO! Perhaps I can find the series on Netflix?!

    Always love your introductions...simply the best!

  6. Dear Judith~
    You always find and share the very very BEST with us! Where would we be without you in our world. I love these images especailly the one from Redondo Beach! Have a great week sweet one and Thank you for your thoughts on my post tonight. Your words soothed my soul~

  7. I haven't seen this series yet but I am sure that it is one I would love.....great images as always Judith, xv.

  8. Judith,

    I'm thinking the same thing as Mel...I will have Mr. à la parisienne look this series up on Netflix tonight!
    I love this post and I love the fashions in the twenties! That LillyLange cloche is gorgeous!


  9. In answer to your comment: You are invited over ANY time. There are three beds in that room, so you can all fit nice and snug and comfy!

    The photos of the ladies in the bathing suits is simply SCANDALOUS!!

  10. Oh, how I want to wear hats like this everyday, all day. ADORE.

  11. Bonjour Judith,
    Great photos. Unfotunately, they don't have this series in Paris. SOunds interesting though, I love period films.
    Thank you for stopping by, good luck on the giveaway.
    Hope you are having a great week,

  12. You always susrprise me! Thanks for this personal and interesting point of view.
    Andrea Amoretti Style

  13. JUDITH MY DEAR! IT HAS BEEN SO LONG! I hadn't seen you post for such a long time....thank you for stopping by and gracing my comments page! How have you been for pete's sake! :) I love your choice of photos here....the creamy backdrop peppered with some of the most darling images of vintage flair. Thank you for commenting and enjoy your THANKSGIVING OUT BACK HOME.....I hear it is still hot? We are getting snow this weekend....ENJOY and MERCI MILLE FOIS POUR ÊTRE VENUE! Anita

  14. Oh, I love that first design, and that hat is so wonderful. I love finding amazing things on etsy, I love creating treasuries, just so I can fill a collage with my favorite finds.

  15. Hi :)

    Nice blog <3 i loveeeed


  16. Absolutely adore your site, thank you!


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