Monday, June 28, 2010

The Perfect Summer Day...

Bonjour Mes Amis! I'm a California girl and I love this beautiful, warm, Summer weather. It's been just gorgeous over here and I just spent the perfect Summer Sunday with my boys. What is my idea of a perfect Summer day you ask? A warm sunny day, my amazing husband and beautiful son, the pool, a bowl of fruit, a glass of champagne, and a good book (all of this after watching my Argentina play in the World Cup of course). That's exactly how I spent the day and I couldn't be happier.

The book I read today was so good! The perfect light, fun, Summer reading. I really enjoyed it and just couldn't put it down. Summer at Tiffany, a memoir by Marjorie Hart is a book right up my alley!

Imagine New York City circa 1945.Two young girls Marjorie and her best friend, Marty, arrive in New York to find summer positions as shopgirls. These lucky girls find jobs as pages at Tiffany & Co. and become the first women to ever work on the sales floor! A fun book filled with tales of a diamond-filled job that includes Tiffany blue shirtwaist dresses from Bonwit Teller's. What an experience, what a time period, what a story! I just loved it.

Happy Summer days to you! I can't wait for the weekend again!
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  1. What a wonderful Sunday!! Our ideas of perfection are so similar...I'm inspired to put the finishing touches on the pool so that we can enjoy ours...

  2. that would be the perfect day ... now I have to build a pool ...

    happy summer to you too

  3. Loved this blog post this morning. As an aspiring author (crossing fingers book sells!) I'm always on the prowl for a new book!
    If you like, you can check out my blog for a free read of my up coming debut novel "Warring With Emeralds."
    Now I'm off to e-mail my hubby to ask if he has this book at work!

  4. I chose Summer at Tiffany as our bookclub book this month so when I saw that you had it posted I had to smile. I thought the story was charming and actually did a lot of research for our bookclub on Automats and things that she spoke of going to all of the time ... it was like taking a trip back to a time before I was born!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic book! Will put it on my to read list!

  6. Thanks for the book recommendation :) That'll come in handy later on this fall when we vacation in Florida. Big plans to do lots of reading and enjoying summer.... in November. :/ I live in Alaska... Originally a Cali/Texas gal.

    Keep enjoying those warm sunny days, pools and family. Keep posting about them to so I can live vicariously through you. :)


  7. I actually came across this book at Barnes & Noble and, it looked interesting.
    So glad I read your blog, because I'd forgotten about it. Now I want to go buy it and take it to the beach!

  8. Sounds perfect. May have to add it to my growing pile - I love reading and try to do as much as I can but evenitably it's the work journals that come first....

  9. I can see this book by the pool, on the beach towel, in my bag! I almost don't care what it's about, it looks like the perfect summer cover! Glad you're having a ball with the boys!

  10. Hello dearest Judith!! I just got back from California but my allergies kicked in wickedly!!!! It was fun, lovely and inspiring and now I am home awaiting the construction crew to come and build us two new rooms....Have a great summer! Anita

  11. Such a perfect summer day!!!
    The books sounds great!!! And the I love the cover too!!!

    Have an OOOH La La Day!!!

  12. Thanks for the reading suggstion. Haven't seen this one but will add it to my TBR pile.


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