Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Friend...

Kelli and I in the Tea Salon
Bonjour Friends! Before I forget; I wish you all a very happy Fete du Muguet and send you sentiments of health and happiness! Happy first of May.

The front window

I am very excited about my post today. I met with Kelli from A Rendez~Vous With Style on Wednesday at a charming little tea salon called Paris In A Cup located in the wonderful and historic Orange Circle in old town Orange. It was so nice to finally meet her in person and get to know her. I was so nervous, I don't know why but I was. I had a delightful afternoon! Kelli is so down to earth and so real. She was exactly as I pictured her to be ( I hope I was too). She drove a very long way to meet up and I appreciate it so much. She is such a sweet and intelligent woman. Being in Orange brought back many fond memories of my Mom and poor Kelli had to endure story after story about her as I reminisced. Thanks for listening Kelli! I really hope I didn't bore her to death!

Inside the boutique
The tea room was fabulous and so charming. We indulged in the most delicious tea, sandwiches, soup, and of course macarons! The decor was so cute with chandeliers (my favorite) sprinkled everywhere and the essence of Paris in every nook and cranny. We had a blast shopping in the boutique afterward, it was so hard to restrain myself from buying up everything. I knew that I was in the heart of antique paradise and wanted to save up for whatever treasures wanted me to take them home!
The boutique hosted a case with the most tempting goodies! These cupcakes are featured in Romantic Homes

After tea Kelli had a long drive home and had to leave. I had some rollover babysitting minutes saved up so I decided to stay and see if I couldn't find some treasures.

Mmmm...mmmm! These look irresistible! The macarons are delish and made by a local French woman with imported ingredients & made exclusively for the tea salon. I just acquired her phone number and I wonder if she will make some for a party!

While I was strolling around the picturesque streets lined with antique stores and old buildings, I realized that after spending the afternoon with Kelli she made me realize a lot of things. After hearing Kelli speak French and talk about old haunts, I realized that I had forgotten so much of that beautiful language. I was totally insecure about even attempting to speak a language I had used exclusively for 3 years (although a very long time ago). I need to start practicing and re-learning my French!

I also realized that the Paris that I know is most likely not the Paris I will visit again. So much has probably changed over the years and I am such a different person now. The things that interested me then are not at all the same as what would interest me now. How did I never think of this before? I would have a much deeper appreciation for the beautiful city now. Well, that's just more motivation to get me to really push hard and try and go to Paris with Claudia in August/September! Now I'm extra determined! It did make me a little bit sad to miss Paris so much and come to the realization that I had forgotten so much. Maybe a trip down memory lane with my old photos will help.

This dress form covered in bows was in front of a shop owned by two fun sisters! I had to post this because it reminded me of Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life! So pretty!

Shopping was great and I found tons of things I wanted to bring home. I was very good and only purchased a pair guessed it...light fixtures! I'll save that pic for last though! :)

I was walking along and saw this plaque on the ground. ??? It made me smile :)

Such pretty buildings and homes where everywhere I turned.

This store had TONS of old windows, doors, and hardware. Dreamy to say the least.

I instantly fell in love with her! She was some sort of mini broom, her skirt was made of the bristles!

This trophy was so pretty in person. It had to be at least four feet tall.

I'm a sucker for feathers

This hat was too cute and in it's original box, never worn! The original receipt was tucked into the tissue paper as well. Darn if I didn't look to see how much it cost back in the day!

This kiosk had tons of sheet music but I just about fell over when I saw this beautiful cover.

She was tucked away in the downstairs portion of a store behind ridiculous amounts of furniture and random stuff. She is so pretty she should be out showing off! :)

It was love at first site for me! I love the Orange sherbet tattered velvet on this settee. I wrestled with the idea of giving a good and loving home for quite some time.

Finally!!! My Chandelier illness made me do it! I got in trouble when I got home from the hubby but I don't care! Feathers, crystal, lighting, and a great memory of a wonderful day and meeting a new friend! How could I resist? I don't know if it was the feathers, an overdose of imported tea, the euphoria of spending a child free day antiquing, or having just met Kelli, but I had to take these home with me! I forgot to pick up some macarons on my to the car so this is a small consolation!
I would love to get together again with Kelli and if anybody else who wants to join us! We can meet here (it's right next to the tea salon). It's called PJ's abbey and it is a wonderful restaurant that used to be a church! They say eating there is "heavenly"! It is so cute inside and it's quite an experience.
Until next time!

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  1. LOVE the feathers on that chandelier! It's so unique! Your day sounds delightful and meeting a new friend is always fun. Good for you.

  2. Hi judith,
    Darn....I wanted to go on that shopping trip. Love the store window sign (if you took that photo it is a good one, could be a notecard), the hatbox had me crazy, just want to see more of it.
    The whole post was wonderful and I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with your blogger friend. Sounds like you had the perfect day! Hope a wonderful weekend comes your way.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Ive heard of that Paris in a Cup place before actually!

  4. Loved your post Judith - all those haunts bring back shopping memories for me in Orange - always a fun day trip.(I LOVE the crystal feathers)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow, it sounds like a great day! I love your new treasures :-)

  6. Judith! What a lovely post today sharing your visit with Kelli~ A few months back about a dozen GA bloggers met for lunch at a French Restaurant called La Madeliene's...we experienced much of the same fun, and the prejitters too. Some of us have met since for teas and lunch and just have the best times, it's as if we've been friends forever! Hey, stop by my place to sign up for my FRENCH looking Teapot with matching teacup. It's in a lovely Black/Cream look. It's a giveaway to celebrate the week of Mother's Day! AuRevoir Judy~ I'm another one of those Paris lovers...and I actually have a collection of "all things French" in my home. I'll do a Show & Tell of them someday soon! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cup"

  7. Glad you girls had fun and I wish it were easier for all of us to meet up. xv

  8. Judith I love Old Towne Orange! And That Paris in a Cup! My mom and I love spending the entire day up there in all the shops. Shes been telling me we have to go in Paris in a Cup, so we walk over and they're closed on Mondays! hehe it's happened twice to us! But now that you have blogged it, it really feels like I'm there. You captured the quaint town so well! Looks like you had a blast and happy May to you as well!

  9. Hooray to good friends, new and old!
    I LOVE your chandelier! Great buy :)

  10. Bonjour Judith!

    I wish we lived closer. I would have loved to join you ladies. It sounds like you had a great time. I love the pictures. The next time you're left with extra sitter minutes, just roll them over to me*smile*. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to make that trip to Paris soon. Paris Aparment's recent trip inspired me to visit as well. We have not taken a vacation abroad since the summer of 2007. We are long overdue. Kisses and hugs to your little one for me. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. OMG Judith, those cupcakes look divine! I know I'm giving myself away here but out of all these luscious photos, they were the ones that moved me most!! :~)
    Great post and sounds like so much fun!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    Happy 1st of May to you, too!
    Have a lovely weekend Judith =)
    Trudi xo

  13. Oh My Judith~
    What a fun day! Antiquing and French tea all at the same time. You made my perfect day! Beautiful photos! Did you find any treasures that day?
    Have a great week-end!

  14. OMG!! I just reexamined your post and saw your new beauty!! What is better than glass feathers? I would have weakened too...Great find~

  15. I love the old city of Orange! My best friend Edie and I would go to Ruttabegas restaurant. I love the antique shops too. It has been at 25 years since I've been there...thank you for the memories! Anita

  16. Dear Judith,

    there is a whole ocean between us, but I can easily feel your warm friendship while reading your posts.

    Paris is not far away, a 2 hour flight from know!!

    I did go to school there when I was young (and wild, yep!)

    Je t'embrasse.

  17. Looks like my kind of day ! If you ever get to SF give me a shout ! You have a such a beautiful blog, thanks for sharing. XOL

  18. P.S. I just linked you to my blog

  19. Hi Judith! Merci mille fois pour être venue chez moi! I have been a fan for a while! Your style is so wonderful. We francophiles/francophones need to stick together! Please visit again! Bon weekend...amicalement, Anita

  20. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I think it's great that you met up with a friend this way. Isn't it fantastic to be able to spend an afternoon enjoying all that fun antique shopping! I love those chandeliers. Ohhh Judith...I would so want to go to that tea salon...I'm too far!!

  21. i am not feeling too chatty, but i did want to leave a' comment'.

    great images, as always.
    BTY....that's no illness !


  22. Judith- I wanted to give you an award cause your friendship means so much! Come on by:)

  23. Sounds like a wonderful day!!Your photos are lovely!!

  24. I kept picturing you wandering around the antiques stores on your own - a scene I've lived a thousand times. Wish I could have been there with you. I always miss the fun of saying to someone - "Oh look at this!" I saw much of Paris on my own - including Versailles and the Petite Hameau, with no one to oooh and aaaah with. So nice to have friends with like interests, and you certainly had a beautiful afternoon with a new friend! Orange looks like a great town. And that tea room looks divine!
    I will see you on my return. Health and Happiness, Judith!
    Catherine xx
    Love the lighting fixtures!!!

  25. Thanks Judith for being so sweet and lifting my spirit. I never dreamed that life would take such a turn. I hope, perhaps one day, we might cross paths. In the meantime, I will continue to keep up with your life through your lovely posts! Take care.


  26. Paris is just getting better and better! So many of the small museums have been refurbished and revamped! I went to the once dreadful postal museum last week and found that the exhibits are now fresh, fun, and vibrant! There are a few more Starbucks around. But if you close your eyes and walk quickly past them you can pretend that they are not there:) That's what I do!

  27. What wonderful images of the shop windows. I can almost taste the cupcakes...
    Hope to be able to visit Orange soon. Thanks for the inspiration

  28. Judith, The afternoon was perfect!
    I would be delighted to spend another one with you in the OC or maybe even LA. You are a beautiful, lovely person inside and out and I have the blog world to thank for us meeting.
    We will always have Paris... as well as Paris in a Cup if we can't make the flight. :)

  29. Just a perfect afternoon -
    it would be such fun if we could all snap our fingers and gather from all over the world!


  30. Hi Judith!

    What a LOVELY day! You two girls look like you had such a delightful day out... with a fellow francophile none the less!!! Simple beautiful images Judith, thank you for sharing this day with us.

    ~Miss Kris~

  31. Love your blog! I must get to the circle. I Haven't been for so long although it's easy for me to go. Nice to know about new places. I will definitely have to try the two places you recommend. What a lovely day.

  32. How FUN to meet Kelli!
    Looks like a lovely place. I have never been to that area and it is close by... hmmm... I might have to make a trip.

  33. What a fun day! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  34. hi Judith! i want to say thank you for your visit. i have been a serious fan of your blog for some time. your blog is truly one of my top favorites. i gather so much inspiration from visiting here. you have the most beautiful post i have ever seen. i love everything French and i know that when i visit your blog you take me to Paris every time. nice to meet you and i look forward to visiting you and seeing more of your beautiful post. thank you!

    God Bless,

    P.S. i started reading your post, looks like you two had a wonderful time. i have never heard of this place. i have to check it out. thanks for sharing.

  35. Judith, what a GREAT day! Orange is such a fun place to shop. Please tell me...I'm salivating over that trophy. Is it still there? I think I must have it!!!!!

  36. Oh what I wouldn't do to have that dress form. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!

  37. I have to ask the brazen it possible you have the high res version of the photo of that dress form? I am absolutely shell shocked by it's beauty.

  38. What a fun day! I love going there.:)
    ps. the mannequin is from Heavenly Hostess, owned by Cynthia Wadell.

  39. Very nice pictures, thank you for the post! I'm planning to have a vacation next summer to Paris thorough LMT with my family. I would like to visit some places from your photos. I will make a list. Thanks.


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