Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Royal Family!

Hello Friends! Okay, so I'm just wasting time today while my little Justin is taking his nap. I'm supposed to be cleaning and such, oh well, c'est la vie!

Like I say, I'm just wasting time and I love the show on Showtime The Tudors, so I went to their site to poke around (yes, I love all history not just French! :) and I found this hysterical photo section! I hope you have a good laugh...I know I did!

Here is what we really look like~ Okay, we're still being silly but you get the idea! Justin's 1st birthday
And...Here is what we look like as royalty!
Keithen & I

Justin or "Baby J" as his friends call him!

Me :)

Too funny, I just had to share!
Have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. Hi Judith
    First of all, I have to say, that I look forward to your blog everyday! I have always dreamed of visiting Paris (actually i dream of living there) and this year i think a visit is in the cards for me and my fiance.

    i laughed when I saw this post because i love the Tudors too! and I have made silly pics like this too.

    I really enjoyed your photos of Versaille!
    if you are interested check out my blog.

  2. I am a big Tudors fan and have watched every episode - you look fabulous as a Tudor, I just hope you aren't Anne Boleyn! xv

  3. Dearest your royal highness, Judith, cute and funny post! May the Royal Family receive many blessings.

  4. Dear ! you look like an 17 century Italian Madone , lovely , cute kid and dad .

  5. What a beautiful Royal Family!


  6. Count me in as another Tudor Fan -- - love your delightful Tudor Portraits!
    (another) Judith

  7. Judith,
    These are great! So much fun to "be a Tudor"! You look fabulous as a royal my dear queen. :)

  8. Hi Judith!

    What adorable pictures! Love them all! I am so looking forward to this season of the Tudors. Can't wait. ~Miss Kris~

  9. Hear ye hear ye...All hail to the Emperor Keithen the mighty with Princess Judith the Gorgeous and the magnificent Duke Justin of the royal court..LOL. What a great looking family!Justin is sooo adorable. Beautiful eyes. Okay, princess, now take off the tiara and get back to cleaning the castle.*smile*

  10. Judith! What a beautiful baby & fun photos of you and your family!

    And while surfing the net, I found some really cute cards with crowns on them & thought of you!

    Love your posts & always look forward to see what you are up to!

  11. This is hysterical! I love the big happy smile on your face.
    I'm catching up today. Does it take everyone as long as it takes me? My back is killing me!

  12. I'd rather see you dressed up as Marie Antoinette!! haha!!! more your style.

    thanks for all your comments, you are TOOOO sweet!

  13. What about you In Madame de Pompadour ...You look ROYAL...

  14. Darling, you make a FABULOUS royal with that gorgeous hair and face! You also make a lovely "regular person" too, but we can dream, can't we? I just love the CLOTHES! xoxo Terri

  15. What a lovely Royal Family you are. I am going to have to check that out myself! :)

  16. I came via Tea Time With Melody... great ideas!

  17. These photos made me smile.. I red the tree story first and thanks so much for this one... need to smile ... enjoy your lovely family... so cute.

  18. These photos made me smile.. I red the tree story first and thanks so much for this one... need to smile ... enjoy your lovely family... so cute.


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