Friday, January 9, 2009

Let There be Light!

All photos via Flickr

If you know me, then you know I am infatuated with chandeliers. I love them in all colors, shapes, and sizes. What better place to get a chandelier fix than Versailles!?! I could write volumes on the history of them, the restoration of the famous chandeliers in the hall of mirrors, the story behind some of the orders for certain chandeliers, and the makers of these beautiful lights, but I figured I would give you a break from my long winded posts and simply leave with the photos. They speak for themselves. If you would like to read my last post on chandeliers here is the link Points de Lumiere.

During the restoration of the Hall of Mirrors

The Queen's bedroom


Easily my favorite

What a pretty image

Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. Fantastic!! Beautiful pictures! I love chandeliers too - I only wish I had more places for them in my house!

  2. This is a post after my own heart. In every design concept I ever come up with whether its for a home or even a celebration event, I'm always figuring out a way to incorporate a chandelier. In fact, some of my friends nick named me "chandelier" LOLOL. That name always seems to come up in small social gatherings after a few libations....thank you for the eye candy.

    P.S. how is your little one? We are being offered a sibling for our 16 month old. It's his biological sibling born December 9th of last year. I'm up for it but Dan isn't sure he is :-( I'll keep you posted.

  3. I need higher ceilings. Those are absolutely stunning!

  4. i so thoroughly enjoy your Versailles posts.
    i still have to explore further down.
    it's only after visiting the Marie-Antoinette exhibition last year at the Grand Palais that i grew fond of her (i guess it has to do with the way we were taught history at school in France)

    Thank you for your posts and...vive le Siècle des Lumières !

  5. I love all things hex-six sided, and I saw two beauties here. Gorgeous light.

  6. Oh what I would give to have high ceilings at my house so I could adorn my space with chandeliers. Gorgeous images as usual!! I really want to hang a small one in my closet, do you have any good websites to recommend?

  7. And ahoy matey to you too Judith!!! Thank you for visiting...another stunning and very beautiful post...where can I get one??? Have a lovely weekend...Dzintra

  8. Impossible to choose, I love them all! I picked out a chandelier for my 13th wedding anniversary. That was a Lucky 13!!! I often wonder where it will hang next, and if someone, someday, will love it as much as I do...After all - unless they crash to the ground they live forever, don't they?

  9. Alo, Judith!~

    Loved the mirrored image of the chandelier too! WAY GORGEOUS! I have a small studio office above our garage. While out shopping for clients, I came across a round French table w/ a glass top, matching seatee & 3 chairs finished in antique white & gold antiquing. The glass and missing chair didn't stop me from buying the set! Love at first sight! The glass actually makes the space look bigger & lets the beautiful rug shine thru. It's also pushed against the wall, so what would I have done with that chair anyway! ;) Even the worn striped fabric worked great with my walls! Then, I found an old (not antique but pretty)chandelier that my Dad installed for me. I had to take it down so I could see fabric colors more clearly but I really miss the soft incandescent light & sparkling crystals. Sometimes I'd just stare at the beauty of it. Anyway, I've been considering hanging it back up! I glare at the ugly track light I replaced it with every day!! AND, wouldn't you agree that nothing makes a woman look better than the glow of a chandelier!?

    Thx for the beautiful photographs.

  10. Chandeliers are one of my favorite things. Thanks for all of the gorgeous photos!! (I posted a couple on my blog)

  11. That library pic is amazing! Where is that from? this post is mind blowing, as usual!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Did I mention this post is beautiful?!
    Chandeliers are a necessitie in my book! : D

  13. Can I please have one of each? I too love chandy''ll have to visit my blog and see the one I keep as my banner. We (Beloved and Moi) purchased it for our 25th Wedding Anniversary two years ago, since then we now have a Bohemian Crystal Chandelier in our master suite...we are now pursuing a few others for our guest rooms. When in need of rest, dim the lights under a's so "Francais et Chic". ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups" Love your blog!


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