Monday, January 19, 2009

My Very Dear Friends!

I just love the little chair both for my hair and my boudoir!
Bonjour my Friends! I took my little one to Disneyland today and we are both exhausted! We had a very magical day riding the Pirates of the Caribbean, saying hello to Mickey and his friends, and braving the crowds. I have to say, my little Justin is already a ladies man...he had all of the princesses clamoring to take a photo with him! Mon Dieu! Too cute.

I just wanted to post a huge thank you to all of my blogland friends. I have really come to look forward to sitting down at my computer in the evening with a cup of green tea and visiting all of these incredible blogs. Thank you all for your friendship and wonderful comments. When I started this blog in late October I had no idea that anybody would be interested in anything I had to say or write, little did I know I would meet some of the most eloquent and beautiful souls on here! So a BIG thank you and wonderful night to you all!

I have absolutely no idea where these pics are from (I'm sorry, I'm horrible at cataloging all of these photos) I just thought they were fun and whimsy just like our day with Mickey today!
Good night.

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  1. They really are fun photographs. I can't believe you only started blogging in October! You are such a pro! I began in June but never told any one until October. Too funny. Get some rest. Hope you don't have any nightmares about Mickey Mouse.
    Catherine xx

  2. Lovely images Judith wherever they are from! I have been to Disneyland in Anaheim a million years ago with my children and Pirates of the Caribbean was my all time favourite - that and the Matterhorn. I am sure it is totally tame by today's standards, but I loved it. Like you, I sit at the computer with my green tea and blog away too - but in the early mornings. xv

  3. Judith, I always look forward to your blog; it's fantastic- I'm so glad I found you!

  4. Hi Judith~

    Wow, what fun, a wonderful day at Disney! These images are really fun like Disney. I remember going to visit my Grandparents in FL and going to Disneyworld, my favorite ride was Space Mountain. Thanks for the memories.
    ~Miss Kris~

  5. we'll wait for fun thoghts from Disney

    have a blast

  6. Glorious images ... tres Marie goes to Disneyland !

  7. Good morning Judith!

    A big thank you for always stopping by to pay me a visit. I cannot wait to take baby Daniel to Disneyland. I bet you had a great time watching your little guy enjoy himself.
    Your blog has been very well received not just because of your great posts, but also because of your thoughtfulness. You're a wonderful person to know. Have a great day.

  8. I'm jealous! We go to Disneyland 2-3 times a year.

  9. I'm jealous! We go to Disneyland 2-3 times a year.

  10. haha the last one is the most whimsical. i am a new reader but enjoy reading your blog so far! thank you for writing:D

  11. So glad you and precious Justin had fun at Disneyland! I am so glad we "met" in blogland as well! I enjoy your blog immensely; you are a talented writer, historian and lover of all things French!
    Let's meet up somewhere in the OC someday for lunch.

  12. Great photos you have found!

  13. Hi Judith, just dropping by to wish you all the best on your "future" removal to France...
    i do miss France from time to time but i guess, now i really enjoy being a tourist in Paris !

    lovely pics :-)

  14. What fun! I remember taking my son to Disneyland many times when we lived in Southern California. They make all of the strived for magic work.
    Your blog is a treat and your heart a treasure!
    Lively photos...both colorful and quirky'

  15. Hi Judith!

    Those are great photos! Disneyland sure is something else, isn't it!

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and am so glad to have found it. I appreciate everything about it, and want to let you know how much your visits to my world, and your kind words mean to me. Who knew blogland would be this rich!
    xo Isa

  16. What a beautiful blog!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. What a beautiful blog!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Those are great images and I knew they looked familiar! They were part of the calendar of publicity photos from Lavazza, an Italian coffee company. Somewhere, I have a picture stashed on my hard drive that is also part of that series that was on huge billboards in Charles De Gaulle airport when we arrived in Paris last spring!

    I really love your blog and am also homesick for Paris even though I was only there once!

  19. I'm a huge Disney fan, although I have only been to Disneyland once when I was five. I go to Disneyworld in Florida at least twice a year though. Such fun.

    That last image is amazing!

    I think those photos were shot by David La Chapelle. I love his work. He features Marie Antointte styled girls alot in his work.

  20. I did more research on those great photos and they are from the photographer Finlay Mackay for the Lavazza 2008 calendar.

    Oddly enough, David LaChapelle (whose work is very similar) also worked with Lavazza.


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