Friday, January 9, 2009

I Could Use Some New drapes!

Hello Friends! I am having so much fun with these Versailles posts! This one is on the textiles and the windows in Versailles...Enjoy!

I love this photo
The Queen's bedroom outfitted for summer. Notice the peacock feathers printed on the fabric. They say they are bad luck in one's home because of her unlucky fortune. Exotic birds were very much the fashion in the 18th century. Madame Du Barry is said to have a great fondness for them and owned several live ones, which she kept in her apartments.
Imagine having that view every morning!

Notice the MA on the medallion

The famous bulls eye window


In the hall of mirrors
images from Flickr
Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. You post the most beautiful images Judith. I love ALL of the fabrics and the views are spectacular. Do you think we'd have any luck finding similar fabric at JoAnn or Hancock fabrics?*smile*

  2. I agree, the photos are beautiful - the Versailles posts are lovely!

  3. What wonderful images! What I would give to have just one window framed in one of those lovely fabrics. Scrumptous!!!:)

  4. Judith! I love textiles, especially silks and damasks! The tassels and workroom photos remind me of Ellen Holt's place in Dallas, Texas. She is *the sweetest* woman with an awesome eye for color & texture. She custom designs and hand-looms the most luxurious pieces of passementerie that I've ever seen! The looms are amazing to look at! There are only two facilities like hers in the US and I feel honored to know her. She'll have lovely vintage fabrics from clients mounted on boards with several design options she's created for them. Really fabulous stuff! I'll have to pop in on her and mention your blog! She will love it!

  5. Thank you for posting such beautiful photos of the palace, and I'm learning lots as well.

  6. Thanks Judith, you hit me on the head today with this post.
    This is what I do in my workshop all day, by hand.
    There is no way I can put all the amazing silk in the machine.
    It takes a while but it is all worth it at the end.

    I am up with a couple of 100 meters on the cutting table for the latest project, has been going on for some months now. Some lovely tassels by Beacon Hill to go with an Neoclassical arrangement of draperies.
    Guess I will have to do some posting on this later,
    I just find it tricky to separate work and private....when blogging.

    I will keep looking in, really enjoy your posts, inspires my work a lot.

    Bye, the way, if I havn't said so, I really liked Zeldas work as well. Great silks, would like to try them out.

    Amicalement Ingela

  7. Drapes is next on our list for the have just given me some wonderful ideas Judith, Ta!
    Ness xx

  8. More Glorious details ... .
    each one is such a treasure!

  9. Uh oh! How did I possibly skip one of your posts! It's not possible!
    Hello dear Judith - I am finally catching up after a few days away from my routine. These photos make me want to hop right on a plane!
    P.S. You are too sweet! Thanks for being one of my very first 'blogging buddies'!
    Much love,

  10. looks like a page right out of Scalamandre'

    stop over soon

  11. Simply stunning Judith...and I felt like I was being transported to those rooms and that scenery...Dzintra

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm loving all the gorgeous details in your posts. I didn't make it to Versailles when I was in Paris, but all these pics show me that I'm going to have to make it out there on my next trip. :)

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