Friday, May 8, 2009

Warm Wishes!

My beautiful little Prince
On this very special weekend...I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!

How did I get so lucky?
Being a Mother to my little Prince is an experience I can not even put into words and I am so blessed to have the privilege of being his Mommy. So this weekend I will celebrate that! I will also celebrate having had such an amazing Mom myself. She was my best friend and the bond we shared was so special and irreplaceable. I miss her everyday. However, I am so incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be her daughter, even for the short time we had together. Everything I am and believe are because of the two people in this post. So as you can see, I have much to celebrate on Sunday and I hope you do too!!! Happy Mother's Day!
My amazing Mom
Cherish every second you have with your Mother, Child, Sister, Grandmother, Aunt, or whoever you have that special bond with... everyday.
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  1. Isn't a greatest thing being as a mum! I miss my mom too...:)
    Happy mother's day


  2. Hello Judith,
    I can see your Mom in your little guys face! I miss mine as well.
    Havea wonderful, wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. your mom is beautiful !!!

    so is your 'prince !'
    and why did you get so lucky ?.....
    because G-d loves you sooooooooo much !

    happy mommy's day to you !

  4. What a beautiful post, you brought a tear to my eye. Your prince is adorable! I'm lucky to still have my mom and your so right that we should cherish every second. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. Beautiful blog, I love it! Visit my blogs sometime stop by and say hi, I'm having a giveaway on my PAris Rags blog you might enjoy, Happy Mums day to you! Kimberly

  6. Great Treasures and Blessings to celebrate, indeed ...

  7. came to your blog throug 'wind lost' and I am really enjoying your blog! I am also a Paris lover (and will be going there again in 3 weeks...)
    Love your pics, the inspiration and colours. I also wish you a happy mother's day, enjoy it!

  8. What a warm and very touching post, Judith. Thank you for sharing that. Your Mom was a beautiful lady (I think you really look like her!)

    Cherish that little boy- and yes, being a Mother is wonderful:) Merci et Joyeuse Fête des Mères!

  9. Happy Mother's Day Judith! Your mom was very beautiful. And your son is so adorable. I can't stop smiling when I look at his pictures. I just want to pinch and kiss his cheeks. I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow.


  10. Dear Judith...
    Happy Mother's Day! I can see that you learned how to be a beautiful Mom from your beautiful Mom...The sun still shines and the rays are still bright. Her smile lives in you and that adorable little prince...

  11. Happy Mother's Day, my dear!

    Such beautiful eyes your mother had, I think you have inherited them both you and your little Prince.


  12. Happy Day to you as well Judith

  13. What a stunning mother, and that picture of your son is the best.
    Happy MOther's Day, Judith.


  14. Happy Belated Mother's Day Dear Judith!

    Your little Prince is adorable, those beautiful brown eyes...just about melted my HEART! I hope you had a lovely DAY! Your Mom is lovely! You must have A LOT of her in YOU!

    ~Miss Kris~

  15. Beautiful photos of your little prince and your mom! I hope you enjoyed your day!

  16. Happy Mother's Day Judith!
    Your prince is handsome and your mother, just gorgeous. You are one lucky and blessed lady.

  17. Happy Mother's Day!! What a little handsome price you have there, hes a total doll :) Your mom's hair is fabulous, what a beauty!
    I hope the day was a special one,

  18. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your day! Did you find any treasures?? Xoxox NOel

  19. Judith,
    When I saw the picture of your mother, I gasped! She is beautiful and I see a resemblance of her in your son as well.He is such a charming little prince! This is such a sweet and special post. Thank you for sharing a personal story on Paris Atelier. I love to learn about my blog friend's lives.You are indeed special.


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