Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marie Couture...


I have been stumbling upon the most A~mazing gowns and images lately. I had to stop myself from eye~candy overload! I couldn't help to think, what if Marie Antoinette lived now. Would she be a fashionista today? Of course she would!!! Look at how she inspires so many even now.


I am loving this Valentino gown. How amazing and beautiful is the back!?! Wow! A girl should look just as ravishing going as she does arriving! :) The color is my favorite.

I just could not help but to fall in love with this image. The walls, the beautiful little chair, the colors, the fabrics, the whimsy, that ceiling! I could get lost.


Oh my! Oh my! Look at those shoes, and the hats! The hat with the bows is just darling and those sleeves! I so appreciate the vision and the exquisite detail these designers give us. I could take a nap on all those layers and yards of silk :)


The bodice inspired by that oh~so~famous necklace is truly incredible! I'm in love! I'm like a bird...anything shiny catches my eye.

Inspired in so many ways! The background is so pretty too.

I tried to get this pic bigger for you with no luck. Still, a gorgeous image. The shape and the color are worthy of MA!
I have more for you next time! It has been a grueling week as I am still preparing my big surprise for you! Have a fabulous and stylish (long) weekend!

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  1. wow...
    you are right.
    marie would definitely be wearing these gowns.
    wouldn't it be fab if we could see her in them 'today'?
    ( time travel is my thing )


  2. C' est si chic et joli! You really know how to find just the right pictures! The colors are so soft and subtle and I swooned over that pink bodice....Merci mille fois chèrie pour les images, si belles, si, si...quoi...ravissantes! Forgive me pour avoir fait des bêtises with my youtube! It multiplied on its own comme les lapins...but thank you for your kind comments. Have a fabulous weekend. Anita

  3. I love the Galliano photo, it's so good that I'd consider hanging it on my wall! No 1, 2 plus the last are also really gorgeous. But Judith, you're torturing us with the big surprise hints... Good luck with the rest of the preparations - please tell us soon!
    Trudi xoxo

  4. Beautiful - the colors are just amazing......I love the pastel palette where the texture and sheen are the stars.

  5. This gives me great joy to see. Just look at the artistry and detail. Amazing, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing. Blessings from Amy

  6. Love them all! I just won an award for one of my pieces!!!

  7. Wow, those gowns are truly gorgeous. Like the one with all the rhinestones A LOT!!!

  8. Oh.........these are absoultely gorgeous. Dior just does this look so well. I like the one where she is hanging from the chandlier. So glad you shared these, have a great weekend and whatever you are working on I bet it will be fabulous. I'll try not to borrow one for Glam Monday post! I can't help it if you are really, really good at this.

  9. The Valentino is definitely my favorite.

    Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us.

    LuLu Kellogg
    Coastal Sisters

  10. fantastic post-
    you and castles and crowns this morning!
    loving it!!
    It's very nice to meet you- and your sense of style....on target I believe....especially with the upcoming MAnt. movie....
    that picture of Valentino-
    just awesome.

  11. Why can't we dress like this everyday? Wow, what a beautiful world it would be. It's so hard to pick a favorite - I'll take them all for my many moods.
    Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts. You are the dearest of friends. Isn't it something that we're both going to be 100?!
    On with the're killing us here. Will it be a post from Paris? Don't work too hard this weekend!
    Catherine xx

  12. I have two things to say: fit into those gowns and secondly to have somewhere to wear them!
    Tres gorgeous Judith, xv.

  13. Love Marie and anything Marie inspired. These are amazing!

  14. Judith,
    I am in love with that Galliano image! She looks like a chandelier! And love that mustard sheer dress with the entire look! So whimsical. Yes, Marie has been an inspiration to all in many many ways. I think the images you chose she would wear today for sure!
    Beautiful post!

  15. MA definitley inspired fashionistas for centuries:) I love the ruffles, the fabric and those hats are to die for! Thanks for this delicious eye candy this morning. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  16. Bonjour Judith!

    You always post the most gorgeous and opulent images! I love all of the gowns. I especially love Galliano's artistic approach. As Kimora Simmons would say...lot's of fabulosity!. Thanks for the kind words and yes, please do keep me posted when you come up north. I would love to meet up with you and your family. I am looking forward to it.

  17. Beautiful post as ALWAYS! I'd have to say that Dior is tried and true for always having such feminine and luxurious dresses! I agree with Janet- That mustard dress is so intriguing! Have a great weekend, mon amie!

  18. Gorgeous images!! I really love the one of the lady swinging from the chandelier!!

  19. Lots and LOTs of eye candy, indeed.
    The Galliano photo truly has my vote for the biggest swoon!


  20. oh how i wish i had the lifestyle that would allow use for these gowns! so lovely!!

  21. That Valentino back is stunning!!!


  22. This is something I often love to imagine too. If only she had today's resources at her disposal! To think what she could do and what she would be seen wearing!

    Yet again, another amazing post Judith!

    Much love xoxo

  23. That teal dress.....oh, my!

  24. I love this post. The back of that valentino gown is devine!!

    Great photos and another beautiful, fashionista post!

  26. I remember Galliano's Marie Antoinette inspired gowns... oh so lovely.

  27. great pictures, so amazing. Love your blog, very inspiring! Solange

  28. Soooooooooooo GORGEOUS! Every Single One! Enjoyed this post a million times.

    xoxo NOel

  29. God one of your posts is more beautiful than the next! You're right, it's beauty overload but we can take it!!


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