Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some random bits of inspiration from my desktop today. Enjoy...

The above image is from Dancing Doc Design. Could you think of a better place to be right now!?!
From Domino :( I just love the vibrant colors and the composition of the photo. That dress hanging on the wall is amazing!!!

Ohhhh Laduree!!! How my heart (or should I say stomach) yearns for a macaron from your legendary establishment! Why is everything that is Laduree so beautiful? It's from another time completely. Imagine another time when everyday things were of quality and times were more simple and pretty. Image via Flickr

Am I crazy or is the wall covering a copy of Marie Antoinette's Turkish boudoir in Fontainebleau??? What a wild coincidence, I just did a post on it yesterday and I've had this photo sitting around for months but never noticed.

Something has me drawn to parasols and umbrellas lately. I just love this image and I love the idea for a party. So easy, so chic! I think I'll do a post very soon on parasols, I have some images that are wildly beautiful!

I don't know why but I always wished I could have pulled off being a Red head part time. Unfortunately, I do not have the skin tone to even attempt it but I do love the look on others. So classic, unique, and stunning.

Finally, This dress that to me resembles the petals of a Peony. I adore it. If I could choose a different dress to have been wed in...it would be this one. Scrumptious!
That's all for today, sorry for the short and quick post! Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. Judith,
    I agree, I would pick that dress to get married in all over again too! It is Beautiful! The theme could be petals~ Love love love it all!
    Thanks always for sharing such true beauty!

  2. I love these random photos! The blue one from Domino is gorgeous...
    Have a lovely day my friend =)
    Trudi xo

  3. Gorgeous post, I especially love the parasol photo - I bought a lovely oriental one a couple of weeks ago at a vide grenier which I plan to hang from the roof of my wee shop.

    L x

  4. WOW...you have set me in a great mood for the day. What chic and delicious photos...Ladurée is the best. The texture, color and mood of the objects just jumps out at you! Thank you for having the vision of beauty! Anita

  5. Dear Judith,
    First of all I love your blog its so pretty .
    My Grandmother was a millinery “Modiste” she ran the custom millinery department at Bonwit and Teller in Philadelphia. Her house was full of French hat ribbons. She was also a city gardener. She had peach trees in her garden, when the fruit was ripening she would hang umbrellas upside down in the trees to catch the fruit. It is an image I saw as a child and will never forget. your lovely photo reminded me of her, and her ingenuity.
    I have lived in Paris these past 11 years . I like looking at your blog because even on gray days it reminds me of what is wonderful here, I get re-enthused all over again. Thanks

  6. Hi Judith!

    Gosh...Why is Laduree so BEAUTIFUL? I am loving the Marie Antoinette Turkish walls in Laduree. LOVELY!!!
    ~Miss Kris~

  7. I just love it Judith. I think you're absolutely right about the wall paper...looks identical.
    Oh, and BTW, I too tried going red once and- it looked horrible on me. I love red though and every year I'm tempted to try it-
    Have a great day:)

  8. Judith,
    As always yum, yum, yummy! Thanks for sharing these inspiring images. I also love the playfulness of umbrellas! What I would give for just a panel of that wallpaper!:) Have a great day mon amie!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely photos...I especially love the picture of the Laduree stools.

    My love for old and vintage things comes from my appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship that you rarely see these days! I think I was born 100 years too late!! I love your blog...thanks for all the inspiration.

  10. such dreamy images! You do inspire me so, Judith! :)

  11. Hi Judith,
    I think you are right about that wallpaper, how observant of you! And what a fun dress, though I am sure your wedding dress was beautiful.....after all, you are the queen of beauty!

  12. I'm inspired to paint that lady along the SEine... great inpsiration! I would like a macaron while I paint please!
    BTW... have you found a macaron shop near us?

  13. What stunning photos! I too love the dress! Who needs a wedding to wear a beautiful dress?

  14. that dress at the end of the post is stunning - who designed it??

  15. OK, seriously... your posts are the best! I am inspired for different reasons by each photo.
    Lovely pics... can I sink into your desktop and spend the day roaming around?

  16. I was like...Laduree mmm, then that dress! LOVE it!! What a great find!

  17. Ohhh Judith~ I LOVE that Dress!! Thank you for making me smile every single time I come over here!

  18. Hellllo Again ,am back from visits with the family state-side,
    Peonies are the best! As you share Scrumptious and delicate yet, hardy! We had a large variety in New England- I have still to plant them in tile for the season. And loving the turquoise Dress/ Bed photo!!!
    Have a super weekend! Salut du Midi

  19. Those pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one with the umbrellas and also the model by the Seine. Very elegant

  20. Dear sweet Judith,

    I am at my computer for the moment, just as your comment popped up. Great to hear from you as always.

    I agree with Kelli, I would like to roam around your desktop all day as well. I'm stunned with how you come up with these pictures...you must have some secret access...

    Take care.


  21. Thank you Judith for the lovely imagery ! I am of course partial to the L in the Laduree picture ... AND am definitely bookmarking that dress for a possible special day coming in my future ( was that my out loud voice ? ) Did you mention who makes it ? XOL

  22. Judith,
    What lovely pictures, especially the ones of the macarons and Laduree!

    Happy Weekend to you!


  23. Ooooh LaDuree...I just gave myself a "crise de foie" devouring an entire box of the most extraordinary macarons brought to me by Jose Esteves, lighting artist and designer.

  24. Oh that dress! I am looking for something for a special occasion (not my wedding) and would love to find something similar. The original might be out of my league $wise. What are the references?

  25. It has been far too long since I updated my blog, but looking through my favourites (and yours is at the top of my list) truly inspires me. This post is absolutely no exception! It takes me to another place, a happier one where I am not confined within cubicle walls each day :) Thank you for that Judith!


  26. At the domino tag sale saturday in NY were some laduree Candles in a beautiful laduree box for only $20! They were too sweet smelling for me so I didn't get them -I'm now kicking myself!


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