Monday, June 15, 2009

A Thank You, A Winner, and Another Chance!

Bonjour Friends! Today is the day to announce the winner of Paris Atelier's first give away to celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop!

First, I would like to give a special Thank you to Mandy at A La Parisienne
She gave me the beautiful button for my new Etsy shop that you see above. It's so perfect and so pretty! I knew she was talented but I had no idea! A visit to her blog is sheer joy! Her images are remarkable and she is such a talented, warm, and genuine person. Thank you Mandy!!!!

I would also like to say a big Congratulations to.....

Janet at FrenchBlue
Janet is the winner of the first give away! Congratulation!

Janet has the most beautiful blog over at FrenchBlue
If you have not yet stopped in please take a moment to sit back and take a peek. She has an incredible eye for style and her taste is flawless! Janet has been a huge source of support and friendship and I can't thank her enough! She also has the most remarkable store
which carries some of the most heavenly items, take a look but make sure you have some time set aside, you might get lost in there, it is too pretty to leave!

I am just about to list some pretty Satin Vintage Drapery and the most delicious Satin Bedspread in the Etsy store. They are all one set and they are from the 40's. I almost can't stomach parting with them :( They have just been sitting for years not being appreciated. I can't bring myself to put them out to brave the elements. I have had them wrapped in acid free paper and sealed for almost a decade. What a shame, they should be looked at and often! :) If they are not up tonight they will be tomorrow so be sure to check in.

And now....My second giveaway (pictured above and below)!
To enter just pop into the new Paris Atelier Etsy shop and then come back here to leave a comment, that's it :)

Good Luck!
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  1. More beautiful goodies Judith, xv.

  2. I love the bust....she is so beautiful!

    Have a lovely Monday.

    LuLu Kellogg
    Coastal Sisters

  3. Hi Judith! Félicitations à French Blue! How lucky. What gorgeous finds chez elle! And your blog is well....magnifique. I do hope to win something from you all some day! Have a beautiful week, Anita

  4. That blog sounds lovely. Thanks for the link and congrats to Janet. Your banner and button look great Judith.
    Ness xx

  5. Janet will be thrilled! Such a lovely way to start the week. I love your Etsy store and will do a post sometime this week.

  6. I am so excited to do some future shopping at your gorgeous Etsy store Judith!! Everything I see so far is absolutely beautiful and oh so tempting. Love your style.


  7. oh i love this new post and the banner !

  8. Oh Judith!!!

    THANK YOU!!! What an exciting morning for me!! I am so honored to be your first winner! I am jumping out of my chair, my heart is pounding and I am blushing like I won the lottery here (my husband is asking what on earth has happened)!! Thank you thank you, thank you too for the kind a beautiful words you say about FrenchBlue, French Blue & Co, and Me~ You are a Love!

    And Mandy did an BEAUTIFUL job on that button for you! She is Amazing!

    I can't wait to see more as your new etsy shop grows.I will be and shopping here for sure~ Good luck on this fun wonderful journey my friend!


  9. Bravo Bravo and CONGRADULATIONS!! So exciting~ I love your new Etsy Logo from Mandy.. she is the best! and Janet of course through my eyes IS the most amazing. ;) So well deserved. I wish much success with your new Etsy and how fun this post is!

    xoxo Noel

  10. Everything is so pretty, Judith. Like stepping into another era. I hope those draperies find just the right home. They are gorgeous! So excited for you. I know you must be having fun with your new shoppe.

  11. Such lovely items in your shop - love them all!

  12. Satin drapes make everything around the room look so regal! Beautiful post Judith and Congrats to the lucky winner!!

  13. Judith,
    Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog...YOU are the sincere, genuine person who is AMAGINGLY talented at finding the most beautiful, feminine things!

    Felicitations, Janet! You deserve it! I am so glad that you won;)

    This giveaway looks so pretty...I like the rose and those vintage belt buckles would look really pretty atop a gift wrapped by Sande!!!
    You are adding some very chic and pretty things to your Etsy store. I just love to come see all of your new merchandise!
    Have a great day, mon amie!

  14. perfect choice - French Blue is so inspiring and beautiful!!

    congratulations on your new shop - i will stop by for a visit too!

    also, thank you for your very cool comment on my blog today!!!! i love how we both have retail-itis in terms of merchandising our rooms!

  15. I am so excited about your etsy store. You have such beautiful things. I don't know which one to pick!!

  16. Congrats to French Blue. She really is a doll, and I love reading her blog.

    I love the new Etsy button. It's perfect. I need to save up some money to shop in your store. I LOVE that Marie inspired porcelain bust.

  17. I love the atmosphere of your Etsy shop!!! you've got loads of fabulous stuff - AMAZING!!!

  18. Janet is lucky , Congrats for all these treasures ...

  19. LOVE your etsy shop! Gorgeous treasures!

    Great tastes on blogs too - Janet and Mandy are two of my favs!

  20. Your shop is lovely and I can see some Xmas shopping in my future...

  21. What lovely items you have in you Etsy shop - I'll check back often to see if you've listed new items. Cheers!

    ~Sarah Coignard

  22. I would kill for that satin drapery!!!! Gorgeous. Your etsy store is fab as well. xoxo Katie

  23. We are SO happy to have you joining us at ETSY!

  24. Yes yes yes.....I enjoy your blogg!!!

    Agneta from Sweden

  25. Oh where oh where did you get all the beautiful stuff!! Lovely!


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