Friday, June 19, 2009

Missing Paris...

Bonjour Friends! It's been a busy, hectic, great week and it feels great to get back on the blog. It's an even better feeling to get out there and read some of the posts by all of you that I have been missing :)

It is no secret that I love Paris and miss it everyday. I have been missing one very strange thing the most lately, a baguette!

I know, I know, I can go to the store and just buy one, but for some reason it is just not the same for me.

I miss that scrumptious smell as you walk by, the inviting bread all stacked up calling you to come inside, I even miss waiting in line to buy my bread! It's true! :)

I miss the taste of those delicious, mouthwatering, croissants. I miss breaking bread with good friends over a bottle of wine and fantastic conversation. I miss the whole ritual of it.

It all just tastes better in Paris, yes... even the bread.

Okay, the above picture is not an actual Boulangerie but it is very pretty.

All of these beautiful images are via Flickr
So incredibly worth a trip to Paris! I can't wait to get back.
Have a fabulous weekend and thank you all for all of your support and friendship!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh Miss Paris, I love the music & your lovely blogg!!

    Agneta from Sweden

  2. Dear Judith~
    What a beautiful post! I was just sitting here missing and day dreaming about Paris too. I am so addicted to that city. Your pictures are soul food to my eyes~
    Thanks so much for these images and sharing! When are you going this year?

  3. I know... I visited the first time when I was eighteen and I've been in love ever since. Your photos make me want to go back right now! Plus, they make me want proper bread =D
    Have a lovely weekend Judith!

  4. I'm missing my baguette too! :-(
    great blog!!!!!

  5. This post and images are so nostalgic for me... I LOVE Paris, too. Everything about it, including freshly baked crouissants and coffee in the morning...

  6. We miss it very much too and might go back this fall, but until then, thank you so very much for all the sweet pictures to help us dream about it!


  7. What a great post. You are making me hungry. I just made some strawberry jam last night. I wish I had nice, fresh baked bread to spread it on.

  8. Oui! Oui! And don't you just love the word Boulangerie? I rarely eat bread for breakfast, but when I am in Paris, every morning I eat as much baguette as possible with butter & jam...yum!

  9. Hi judith,
    What a lovely dose of Paris this morning.....raining, raining here again! I love that gray boulanger in the 2nd from bottom, I want to go stand at that corner. Hope all is going well and that Etsy is making you smile.

  10. Oh mon Dieu, when I was in Paris and the south, I ate so much bread. I could and did often eat a whole boule in one sitting, no problem. Didn't gain a pound however because of the walking! Oh how I love Paris aussi!

    Merci ma chère, Anita

  11. Deep sigh....Paris....Happy weekend Judith, xv.

  12. Deep sigh....Paris....Happy weekend Judith, xv.

  13. One of the (many) great joys of France! Wish I could get one even half as good here. Enjoy your weekend, Judith.

  14. Judith,
    Divine post. I hope you can get back to Paris soon.

  15. everything taste better in paris.
    you could serve me shoe leather and i would be thrilled, as long as you serve it to me in paris!!!!

  16. I'm reading this right before heading to bed...and now I'm starving!!
    Judith, I soo agree with you about the baguettes...we have them here too, but it's just not the same.

  17. Oh.. I went to Paris a few years a go and wasn't a long enough stay.. I want to go back again too.. There is so much more to see and do. Hope you get the chance soon. Love your blog..

  18. I miss it too! I'm already counting the days until I can go back.

  19. Should we call you miss Paris or Miss boulangerie. Love your eyes on Paris

  20. Croissants!! Warm, with butter and strawberry jelly....

  21. Good on you! I am about to go to boot camp...maybe I will stop at the bakery for a baguette!!
    Ness xx

  22. nice hear that u r back to the home .............. hope will get some interesting articles on u r trip

  23. come to see Singe-Parlant's new look!

  24. Judith! You are really making me miss Paris! I had a chocolate croissant the other day and this post is making me want another! That little taste takes you there in a flash. Love what you have shared with us here. :)

    Judith, Thank you also for your comment on my recent shoe! You made me smile a million times over.

    xoxox Noel

  25. Awesome!!

    now I miss Paris and I haven't even been there!

    best wishes

  26. Ok I was finally getting over it for a minute but you brought me right back! You're right, there's nothing like a french baguette or croissant in the whole world.

  27. oh, I so understand! Sometimes it is almost painful. There is also that golden glow that emanates from a boulangerie, inviting you to come inside to the warmth and familiarity and comfort! Beautiful post...I, too, miss Paris! :-) Diane

  28. Viens avec moi! Je parte le 10 juillet pour un mois! I miss Paris too, but will be there soon.
    Gros Bisous!

  29. This post makes me want to go back even more... Maybe we should all just meet there next week for some girlie time...?

  30. Breakfast is probably the thing I miss most from Paris. I stayed in a boarding house for a month. It was actually a cloister, run by nuns. They made coffee for us every morning and set out butter and jam- if you got up early enough you could see the sister returning from her very early baguette shopping excursion. They bought 30 baguettes per day for breakfast and dinner.

  31. I have never been to Paris but this is a great alternative...LOVE your blog to pieces!


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