Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting It All Done...

I believe these images are from Harpers

Hi Everybody!
I sat with some friends this morning at "The Corner Bakery" and had a wonderful discussion over oatmeal and tea. The topic was...
How do we do it all!?!

All of us sitting there with our children in their various "stages"... Terrible Two's, teething, Teen, colicky, & newborn (they sound like 5 of Snow White's dwarfs). We all had the same question...How do we do it all?

My answer was simple, I don't!

Life can be a balancing act. There is so much on our shoulders. For me it is Husband, child, family, home, work, friends, Etsy, blog, errands, cooking, cleaning, bills, etc, etc. I won't lie, sometimes I just can't do it all. It was strange but everybody looked at me as though I was crazy when I said this. Did I utter the most taboo words in the English language? I felt like an animal at the zoo the way they were looking at me! Am I the only one who doesn't get it all done all of the time!?!
I used to pretend that I was perfect. My perfect home, my perfect never messy baby, my perfectly precision cut hair and always manicured perfect nails, my perfectly pressed fresh from the dry cleaners business attire, my perfectly detailed Mercedes, my perfect everything. I was insane! Nobody is perfect all of the time.
Well, friends, times have changed and while I still try to get it all done, I know now that realistically about 70-80% of my list gets checked off daily, and I'm okay with that.
Now at the end of the day when I've spent good solid quality time with my son and husband, I've achieved perfection :)
Here's to you! Getting it all done...
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  1. Judith!
    What a beautiful post you just did!! There is nothing more important than the balance of our bodies, minds and souls...I love what you said and I love that you posted it and I love that you are living it and most of all I love that you know it...all that stuff fades away anyway...Our time is so valuable. Keep going with that beautiful clear mind of yours!

  2. p.s. I had to back and read this again... I LOVE it Judith! And I just want to tell you... You REALLY REALLY have achieved perfection!!

  3. This used to be more important to me than it is now. Perhaps that comes with age. I also find more women have come over to 'our' way of thinking and I believe it makes everyone more comfortable. The only person I need to impress is moi. :)

  4. Carrie www.Thehairculture.comJune 25, 2009 at 4:26 AM

    Incredibly true! I.m a single mom. home owner, hard worker, and I sometimes feel like I am stretched beyond thin! I started to just think that the dishes arent going anywhere, the laundry will stay where it is..but my son will only get older and time will pass...I started to just have more fun with him before "mom" isnt the one he chooses to hang with anymore! Thanks for this post!

  5. I think anytime you can spend with family and friends is the most important time (as the kids grow up so fast).

    So what if you have a dirty car, a messy home, a grown out hair cut with roots showing.

    Take the time to experience and savor the moments with friends and family.

    Great post!!!

  6. good for you - it's perfect to accept your imperfections

  7. Oh my goodness Judith, there's no way I culd ever get it all done. As a matter of fact when I think the house looks great after's messy within 30 minutes! Family, the kids, work, hobbies, life in general is a continuous work in progress. I'm with you Judith- it's impossible to even think it's all done! Thanks for making me feel normal:)
    BTW, come check out my giveaways- you'll love it I'm sure:)

  8. Ah Judith...Merci beaucoup for telling the truth that we all live by! I don't even have kids and I still can't do it all! What great photos to bring home the truth! I just saw the movie, "An American in Paris" last night on my husband's 55 inch screen HD tv and it made me want to go to our favorite place. How are you surviving? Live happy! Anita

  9. 'perfection & perfectionism' can be as deadly as cancer.

    well, at least it can drive you mad.
    i know that when at my height of perfectionism i can be a tad unpleasant.!!~@!~@!~

    i am glad to hear that your'e not KILLING YOURSELF.

    we end up being much more lovable when we are a bit more relaxed about things .
    don't you think ?

  10. You made me feel so much better this morning! I've been having lots of days lately in which I feel so overwhelmed. Thank you for reminding me that if it isn't ALL done, it's still ok.
    Olga ~dancing through paris

  11. I always put my family first but I used not to be that way. I think with me it's come with age and knowing each moment I can spend with family is so very precious.

    Lovely post!

  12. I'm amazed at what you accomplish, Judith! I don't have children, so I am always in awe of how women are able to juggle their busy lives. I think I would be a heap on the floor! That you are raising a young son and still manage to turn out these marvelous posts stuns me every time.
    I'm heading over to Etsy to see what's happening over there today!
    Catherine xxoo

  13. than you very much dear! i wish you the same !

  14. Whenever the wallet allows, I have others do it for me. Kudos for you honesty!

  15. I'm with Catherine. I don't know how mothers manage, and I'm seriously impressed! I've got no children and a BF who is managing himself, so the only thing I have to do is my job, grocery shopping, a little housework plus remember to pay bills and stuff. And I still don't get around to everything as quickly as I should.
    I think there are a few who manage everything, but I guess that most of us compromise on something.
    Great post Judith!

  16. You make me feel normal after reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It is all so true. Even though I don't have kids yet life still happens. I love how you view things. ~~

    xoxo Noel

  17. your blog is fabulous!


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