Monday, April 6, 2009

She's got style...

I'm loving all of these images of Dita Von Teese right now. She has the most amazing style and her wardrobe is Va Va Va Voom! Everything from her hair to her make~up is stunning! If wearing corsets will get my waist to look that small, I'm going on a corset shopping spree!

I just love the velvet bow, the delicate rouching, and the dramatic variegated color. Breathtaking!

Her hair in this one is beautiful. As is the lush satin bow and that delicate lace.

This is one of my favorites. The details and the draping of this dress are so extensive and unique. I just adore it.

Okay, this one has feathers! I love it!

I am liking the hair, the soft color of the dress, the whispery fabric, the length, and the jewels!

This one is hot, hot, hot! The Loubou's, the color, the sassy fit. I could never pull this one off but it's stunning on her. She is workin' it!

I wish this was a full length pic so I could see the rest of what looks like an amazing dress. I love that soft Lilac color and the shape of it. It's like Dita is from a whole different time. How does somebody look so polishes and finished all of the time? I would love to get my hair hair done in that Veronica Lake 'do!

I love this dress! Her necklace is amazing. I need to reevaluate my wardrobe! She's making me feel insecure! :)

More important than this that Versailles in the background? It sure looks like it to me! Versailles has seen some of the most incredible gowns walk across it's threshold. If those walls could talk. I promise that the next time I visit Versailles, I'm going to dress fancy. Not at all like a tourist. It's only the right thing to do!

I saved my favorite for last! This dress is a work of art. It's beautiful! The color, the beading, and detail. The cut and the fit. I'm in love! It's perfect for Spring.
I'm off to do some shopping now! Enjoy!
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  1. Love her! She always goes for glamour and does it right. Those last two dresses are my favorites. It does look like Versailles.

  2. She looks absolutely fabulous, I agree! But I think you look just as beautiful in the photo of you with your little family - or even more beautiful, because you look so radiantly happy... So you've got the one thing she can't buy! (sorry Dita - the dresses are still fab, of course)

  3. Tres elegante! I agree...she has exquisite taste in clothes! Sigh, sigh, sigh! I love them all!

  4. Bonsoir Judith.
    Wow, so charmful...I really miss this feminine look, it's not a daily thing any longer.

    I agree on Versailles, let's go in style the next time.....

    Have a sweet Easter holiday.


  5. Va va va room indeed! She does make you feel a bit unpolished doesn't she? She is one-of-a-kind for sure. The dresses are seriously gorgeous. Fun and fabulous post! I going go put some lipstick on at least.

  6. I love her! She always looks tremendous and gorgeous.

  7. I've done at least 2 posts on her myself! She's so incredibly beautiful and stylish, it's hard to believe!

  8. My first visit to your blog...ooh la la what beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman! I adore the striped dress with the great necklace.

  9. Judith,

    These gowns are GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing these little masterpieces with us. I was going to tell you my favorite, but as I look at them again, I can't decide! Have a great evening!

  10. Wow Judith! She is amazing for sure! Thank you for sharing a style that seems to be fading...She is in a class all her own. I think I will go put some lipstick on with that very pretty gift wrapped life and sit up a bit straighter from now on~
    Have a beautiful Easter week!

  11. Ahhh Judith! How do you come up with these posts?! Everything about her is breathtaking. I'm speechless. I just love the dress with the feathers- it's totally flamboyant. Elle est merveilleuse. Merci Judith:)

  12. What a woman! And what a great idea. Thanks for some great photos.

  13. the way she dita carries herself IN itself is amazing. she can pull off any ensemble based on confidence alone! the fact that she has taste, of course, just elevates the whole thing. LOVE her.

  14. elle est merveilleuse! really adore her..

  15. Stunning, absolutely stunning!
    Great post Judith!

  16. she's amazing, YOU're amazing.

    i too am 'into her'now.
    i love the fleshy colored frocks.


  17. She is so glamorous, chic and flawless. I lve every picture. This makes me want to burn my jeans right now! Bring on being ladylike in vintage and vintage inspired looks.

  18. Vogue! I love the dress 2nd to the last dress best. Although, their all beautiful on her. I will never understand why some women think they can never find anything to wear when the fashion world belongs to them while men continue to be restricted to suits and/or tuxedos:-( Great post Judith.

  19. She makes it look so easy, I have tagged you for '7 things you may not know about me'. Sorry if you have done it before!

  20. All hail Queen Dita. That woman exudes confidence, grace and kitten-like sex appeal.

    I think Marie Antoinette herself would be happy to have Dita waundering around her gardens at Versailles.

  21. Alright - I consider myself pretty savvy but I am feeling I have been dans le jardin for too long. I've never seen this woman before but, alas, I am forever changed after reading this post. Beyond what I just typed - I am truly speechless!
    Found you via "a la parisienne"
    You're going on my sidebar cheri!!

  22. I'm in for the Dita Blk/White feathers - but, with that tiny corseted waist , she'd look great in burlap ... .


  23. I do love that whispery dress with the flower and soft shades! Thank you for the fun images.. you're making me want to go get dressed up for an opera!

  24. Wonderful post! She has such an old world, glamorous style. I love it!

    Kaern Olivia

  25. Thank you for the pictures! My favorite is the fifth- very glamorous and feminine!

  26. Like you, I'm feeling very insecure right now. The last image is perfection.


  27. how i love Dita's style - really, no one else comes close!

  28. She is really one of my favorites!!! Love her!


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