Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prepare To Be Amazed By...

Bonjour Friends! I just wanted to tell you about one of the most amazing bloggers and her fabulous shop! You have all probably already heard of Lynn over at the Paris Hotel Boutique Journal but I just had to do a post on her beautiful shop and inspiring blog. For those of you have not yet been to visit her, I highly recommend it, her blog is exquisite.

Reading Lynn's blog Paris Hotel Boutique Journal is a fantastic break from my daily grind! Her posts are always fascinating and full of eye~candy. P.S. I am in LOVE with this map!

I swear she has some of the most amazing collections and they are so unique! I have found myself on more than one occasion delving deep into a new passion! For example she recently posted a pic of some trophy ribbons and I am now addicted to finding them! We share so many of the same interests that it is hard to go to her boutique online, Paris Hotel Boutique, and not want to purchase everything!

My favorites are always her posts on estate sales and her finds and also the amazing books she has in her collection. It is truly a slice of heaven looking through the books she has available. I want to travel to San Francisco just to shop with her!

This vintage dog collar caught my eye the first time I saw it and it's haunting me. What a fun and quirky and yet chic item ! I want one for my little Daisy.

Not only does Lynn do the most amazing posts but she is so sweet and genuine as well. I truly treasure her friendship in this blog world!

Her extensive collection of fine Hotel silver and China is breathtaking. I saw about a dozen things that I wanted.

Cecil Beaton is one of my faves and Lynn always delivers the greats. Her eye is remarkable and her taste is flawless. I have to try not to click on the art gallery section of her Boutique because I want it all. It's just fascinating.

I look forward to each and every post from Lynn and get very excited when her blog comes up on my updates section. I enjoy perusing through her Boutique and her archives on her blog. She has the greatest finds! I hope you enjoy discovering new things and becoming friends with her as much as I have!
Until next time!
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  1. As usual, i am in love.........with another one of your post !


  2. What great treasures I love the pink sign. I can't wait to go to Paris and soak it all in. Any Great cafe's I should visit? A favorite show? Shopping??? I would love to hear where you reccomend I am staying at Hotel Des Nations Saint Germain Thank you! Grace

  3. What amazing items! I'm going to check her out. I love that chair in the first picture!

  4. Judith...
    Beautiful job on this post!! Of course it is easy when you have such a fab-U-lous subject! Lynn is amazing in everything she does and her eye is like no other,unique & quality through and through...

  5. Thank you so much Judith! I am so flattered and really appreciate your sweet words!! Tell me, how do you get your photos so large on blogspot? I LOVE it!

    Janet, smooch! xoxo

  6. Hi Judith,
    everytime I see a new post from you I am eager to read it, to see what lovely story you are's always a pleasure. Thanks!!

    P.s. Yes, we are blessed to have men in the house cooking for us.


  7. OHHH my... I could never get passed that first photo.... LOVE that chair!

  8. What beautiful shots! And I'm on my way now over to check out the Paris Hotel Boutique blog. Thanks for the tip and a lovely post!

  9. oh thank you so much! beautiful images!

  10. Salut Judith! I'm always so excited by your posts. Just wonderful! I'm going to check out this link now. Thanks, ma belle:)

  11. I just visited her blog...thanks for the intro! So many beautiful things...I'm with you, that dog collar is so unusual and pretty! I hope you have gorgeous weather this weekend. Spring has truly sprung here....and storms along with it. I've finally finished my classes and once this weekend is over I'll have more time to blog again. Hooray!
    Love to you,

  12. Lynn is absolutely wonderful isn't she?

  13. Judith,
    Thanks for reminding me of an old favorite, and as you point out with the fabulous post,it is indeed, a special one!!! Have a super day!

  14. OMG you are not kidding, her items are gorgeous. I'm with you on the map, it is just incredible with that beautiful frame.

  15. This is one of my favourites too!! The things she sells, collects, has and shows off is so inspiring and make my head swim in daydreams of strolling along the Champs Elysees!


  16. WOW! I love everything in this post! The round map is amazing! Ive never seen a map like that before. I love the old book covers! The colors and graphics are stunning. Please keep making posts like this! I love your place!!!!!!


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