Sunday, December 21, 2008

???The Lamest Question Ever???

Postcards from Versailles

Okay Friends, I have a question. This maybe one of the worst blogging questions ever, but I have to know!

When people leave me comment (and thank you for that, I love your comments, I think I have met some of the most amazing people through this blog) do I...

A.) Go to their site and leave a Thank you comment (I often do this & it leads me to wonderful places).

B.) Leave a Thank you response on my own comments beneath the one they left for me (I tried this but don't know if people come back to read them).


C.) Go to their blog and leave a comment in return (not necessarily a thank you comment).

I'm so confused I've seen all these options done. Is there a correct "blog" appropriate way to do this?

And to all of you thinking, "how did this girl figure out how to turn on her computer"...I'm sorry, I am ignorant on this issue! Hey this blog is still new to me!

Thanks for your help!!!

Bisou Mon Amis!

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  1. I'll just jump in and join you in the "Lame Question" line ... . can't wait to see the responses! I thought I was the only one who was clueless -
    Judith de SFe

  2. This is number two clueless person here! I decided all options were possible but generally I go to their blog and either comment or say a thank you but sometimes I will answer on mine... so actually you can see I have aucun idee! xv

  3. Ditto. No clue. I almost always go back and leave a comment and if I don't it's because I got busy and meant to come back but forgot. I have a gazillion things I don't know and need answers to. I think I just plug along, learning a bit here and a bit there. Feel free to ask me a question anytime - if I know the answer I'll be happy to help! Oh - and BTW - the Automaton you were asking about is from the 1770's! Happy Holidays,

  4. I love you ladies! I don't know if only one option is correct.
    Let's be honest... we all LOVE comments so I would lean towards posting a comment on the other person's blog. {Also, more people will see your comment that way and pop over to your blog!}

  5. LOLOL Happy Holidays Judith! These questions have crossed my mind too. Your too thoughtful, that's why you're so talented. Anyway, just making my rounds to wish all my favorite blogs a happy holiday season. Thank you so much for all the inspiring posts and for sharing your favorite blogs which I have also become inspired by. Joyeux Noel my blog friend.

  6. I'm with you Judith...only started in September and plugging away it. If someone leaves a comment I go back to them and either thank them or leave a comment also...having said this I don't really know the correct etiquette. I have seen also on some blogs a little sign that says 'Blogging Without Obligation'!!! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts...Merry Christmas to you...

  7. Love your question !

    i generally try to go to the blog and leave a comment and a thank you. This way, i discover new blogs, new people.
    i have to say, the day i found your comment in an old post, i felt quite peevish because i didn't answer back quickly !!

    i thought on answering on the blog but i'm not too sure people go back to read the comments (?)

    ...happy blogging !

  8. Bonjour:)
    I am totally clueless when it comes to blogging having no time for my own I just adore enjoying other peoples like yours:)
    So enchanting and inspiring!
    Happy holidays:)

  9. My blog is pretty new, but I pay attention to the very few comments I get. I like to comment back and then explore thier blog (if they have one) and comment on posted items there that interest me.

    So for me, it's both really!

  10. If someone has taken the time and energy to read and comment on my blog, I like to go to their blog and check it out! Usually, I will leave a comment.

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  11. Me too, Judith! lol...No clue what is appropriate, I am so new to the blogging world, I have tried all three. I guess it is what i feel most comfortable with at that moment. Thank you for pointing this out...I'm not the only one that wonders. that Samaritine dept store on your next post??? I do love the deep purple off the balcony. Miss Kris

  12. Hi Judith.
    You read my mind! I always worry about the correct way to someone who is lovely enough to leave me a comment.
    I usually leave a comment on their latest post with a little "thank you" included in my comment.
    Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one!


  13. I try a mixture of all three-never sure whats right or wrong! I was delighted to read the question here!Lovely blog by the way!

  14. Judith, thank you for asking! Glad to see that other great bloggers are as clueless as me about this. I've thought about it a lot, and come to this conclusion:

    I go to the commenter's blog and usually leave a comment/answer there. As Kelli also said; we all love comments at our blog! Plus: It's really hard to keep track of everywhere we comment, so I don't think it's that practical to have to return to these blogs and check whether we've got any answers to our comments! It's like sending a letter and going to the recipient's house to fetch the reply.

    In addition, I might put a tiny comment every now and then in my own comments' field, just to show I'm around and that I appreciate the comments. This blogging thing is actually a whole new community with new rules of etiquette that are being worked on as we speak! It's really exciting to be part of this, even though it's confusing at times...

  15. I don't think there is any etiquette regarding this really, as of yet. I try to visit everyone's blog after they visit mine. I've discovered so many interesting websites this way!

  16. Comments are like candy for bloggers! I love them. I love making new friends by commenting on each other's blogs. So many people may come to your blog but you feel so unconnected. Then someone emails or comments and it is so nice.Just found this sight and I'm loving the eye candy BTW!


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