Monday, December 8, 2008

Hello my very dear Friends! So it looks like this week has transformed itself into the hunt for the perfect Paris Apartment for us to pretend to buy all together! Everybody wants in on the deal! So let's continue faux house hunting! This is fun :) Here's one I found in the 1st...Enjoy!

It does come furnished. I figured we would keep what we love, take the rest to the flea market and search for treasures while we are there! So many of you have such impeccable taste, it's going to be hard to divide the rooms to decorate! My dream is to have Claudia from the Paris Apartment (my personal favorite) design a room. We'll have to order some of her fabulous furniture too! It's just so gorgeous and where would it belong better than in our beautiful Parisian apartment!?!

Perfect "pied-à-terre"- 1st arrondissement

Near the Place des Victoires, behind the Palais Royal and facing the “Hôtel Mazarin”, this 60 sqm apartment in a listed 17th century building has kept the grand ambiance of these historical days. This ideal “pied-à-terre” on the piano nobile is perfectly equipped and includes : entrance hall – living room – dining room – kitchen – bedroom on the mezzanine level – 2 shower-rooms – 2 toilettes – fully air-conditioned. It is sold entirely decorated with period furniture and ready to live in.

Unfortunately, the price was not listed, but who cares! It's Paris!

Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. I don't care...lets have this one. This is a fun game....hehe!
    Ness xx

  2. OH MY STARS, those doors and that carpet I am in love. The beauty that some people get to live in just shocks and awes me. I hope they enjoy the homes as much as I know I would. Once again, I'm in on any purchase just tell me where to send my check. haha. MB

  3. Wow, this one is beautiful! Seriously, I'm drooling!

  4. I'm ready to sell everything I own and run to the airport. I love this apartment - it is a dream...


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