Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cherry Blossom Girl

All images from The Cherry Blossom Girl

I found this great blog called the The Cherry Blossom Girl. I don't know if you have heard of it already but I just stumbled upon it and it is pure magic! I have had so much fun poking around her site & I hope you do too!

She posts mostly about fashion and accessories, but also about Paris, travel, shopping, and decor. It's just fun!
Her images are enchanting, sometimes you may find a photo or two that may have mildy disturbing images but is all very artistic (just a warning, just in case). For the most part the images are very artsy and just wonderful as you can see here.

Her love of fashion is contagious! Her finds scrumptious!

You will find a lot of whimsy and fantasy here!

Winter in Paris!

I'm infatuated with this wallpaper! I love birdcages! The colors are fantastic!

I love all of her shoes! She's a girl after my own heart!

Her images of Paris in the Christmas season are stunning!
I had an entirely different post in mind today, however, I spent so much time at her blog that I have squandered all of my (very little) time today! I will postpone my intended post until tomorrow (it's a good one) and leave you with this eye candy for now! Have a lovely evening and...
Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. Looks like a FUN site... I will have to go have a peek! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Oh, thanks for the tip! A D O R A B L E! xo T.

  3. Thanks for the little squiz at this lovely to have a look. Can't wait for tomorrows post,
    Ness xx

  4. oh yes...i adore her romantic touch, especially her photos in the countryside...
    and i just found your blog via Catherine (a thousand clapping hands)

    am delighted to find another francophile lady!
    (am French and an ex-Parisian living in Andalusia and like you, i miss Paris from time to time)

  5. Love the whimsy, the painted wall is to die for! I'm going over to check it all out now, xoc

  6. It looks like a lovely blog if these photos are representative! I'll check it out. Judith, I just wanted to say thank you for joining my giveaway - unfortunately someone else won the drawing, but I've put a little link to your blog in yesterday's post.

  7. Oh that pink in the first photo! Isn't she a talented one! I'm so happy your little son liked the video of Suzy! That made my day to know that that made him smile as it did, and still does, me.
    Happy Holidays.

  8. Gorgeous images on that site Judith - thank you for the tip, xv.

  9. I already know her blog and you are right it is very lovely. I love your choices of pictures .

  10. Judith,
    Thanks for a new place to check out!

  11. Thanks LAdies! All of your kind words and sentiments mean a great deal to me. Im so lucky to be in such amazing company! Isn't it amazing how Paris captured all of our hearts!?! It's magic, I think!
    Have a wonderful day, I hope you enjoyed The Cherry Blossom Girl.


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