Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paris Plage

As Winter is creeping up on us & there is a chill in the air, I sit here remembering the warm days (no, strike that the sizzling days) in Paris.
Beach volleyball in front of the Hotel de Ville ~ Incredible!
The summer transforms Paris! The cityscape dons Palm trees (In a very French fashion, potted & expertly placed in a neat row) and the riverside thoroughfares become car-free resorts.
Even the ice cream looks heavenly!
The Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) operation kicks off on or around 20 July and lasts four weeks. It began in 2002.

A Seine-side holiday is what Paris Plages is all about ~ complete with sandy beaches, deckchairs, ubiquitous ice cream sellers, and concerts for French and foreign guests.
Holidaymakers at the Bassin de la Villette (Paris 19) can also borrow books free of charge, play beach volley, take an aquagym class in a mini pool, or kayak around the lake – or, of course just relax and enjoy.

It doesn't get much better than this!

The Seine’s banks become pedestrian and the beaches are spread across three spots (Louvre/Pont de Sully, Port de la Gare and Bassin de la Villette). The project attracted more than 3 million visitors last year & is such a fun way to spend your time. There really is something for every taste.

The floating swimming pool is a great place to spend an afternoon. They have aqua aerobics and fun activities for the children. There are life guards on duty as well.

Quai~side swimming anyone?

It is generally open from about 8am nonstop until midnight! There is entertainment for everybody! Live musical performances, street performers, everything! It's such a pleasant & easy way to spend all day fighting the heat. My favorite part of Paris Plage, however, is the fantastic people you get to meet! We made so many new friends and met up with our old friends too! You can't beat friends, palm trees, colorful parasols, bathing suits, & ice~cream!

The lights at night are truly magical!

So, the next time you are in this gorgeous city when it sizzles! Try to check the Paris Plage out! So fun!

If you get too hot you can run through the misters!

Bisou Mon Amis!

Photos via flickr
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  1. Oh My! I don't know what picture I like best. The ice cream cone is different for sure, strange looking ice cream, lol, but the night scape picture was absolutely beautiful. Wouldn't it be grand to live somewhere were you could look out your window at that each night, glass of wine in hand... ahhhh....

  2. what lovely images to wake up to! Oh!!! Good morning to you!

  3. Oh, how I love your blog! I go through every post as if I am eating a wonderful dessert and want it to last! You are my Paris lifeline! Thank you so much! I cannot wait until I can see all of this in person!

  4. Judith, FAB post! I was there for the opening year and it was great. Every year since they have added new fun things for everyone to enjoy and it just keeps getting better and better! The photos are fabulous and thank you for reminding me of this special time in Paris avec la plage!

  5. Fantastique! I've always wanted to see it in person, looks like an absolute MUST! Thanks again for the eye candy, you're becoming my lifeline too :)

  6. Oh! You make me miss it so :) And agree about sizzling -- brûlée mes lèvres sitting at a café terrace . . .

  7. great blog ....I'll come back soon .

  8. Ohh how wonderful! I have Never been to Paris in the summer only when school is in session:( I will have make plans to enjoy it then.

  9. You really have my heart longing for a vacation now. LOL! Those beach side images make me think of Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief! Just so perfectly framed.

  10. Looks so warm! I want to be there! Thanks for making this cold day warmer!

  11. Hi Judith!

    Another great and inspiring post. Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope you're enjoying the holidays.

  12. I love this post ! this Paris Plage is fantastic , a great idea for a city without beach !
    Bisous Judith

  13. Wow I hadn't heard of such a thing! What an incredible idea. Living in Sydney we take our access to beaches for granted.

    Anna :)


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