Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am so grateful for!

Hehehe! I picture my family dressed up like that for our Thanksgiving feast! Too funny!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday!
I hope you all have a blissful day full of those things that you are most thankful for! I will be spending my day with my beautiful family and then I'm being wisked away for a petite vacation with my husband. My first time away from my little boy overnight! I'm a stress case right now! So for now this is all, I will be back hopefully Sunday evening if not then for sure on Monday.
Many warm wishes to you & your family!
Thank you to all of you who stop in & to the many, many new friends I have made in this incredible blogging world. You inspire me & provide me with so much delicious eye candy & new insights!
Bisou Mon Amis!
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  1. Have a wonderful thanksgiving and a wonderful end of the week ...

  2. Have a great time. Don't worry about your little one. I am sure he will be in good hands...just try and relax, you deserve it. Happy Holiday,
    Ness xx

  3. Understand how you would be a stress case leaving your little one...but oh how romantic...a petite vacation!!! Enjoy, Dzintra

  4. Enjoy your vacation! It will probably feel stranga to be away from your little boy, but it's always nice to have a little bit of time being just a couple in between1

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Hm. "stranga" wasn't the word I wanted to write. I must learn to click preview so I can see my typos=(

  6. A very sweet post & Happy Thanksgiving to you! This image will make me giggle all day envisioning my family all dressed up. Thanks for the laugh.:o)

    It's good to treat yourself to something special and a little petite trip is great to energize one, the first trip away from your little one is always the hardest, enjoy yourself!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Judith! Have a wonderful vacation with your hubby!

  8. A belated Happy Thanksgiving Judith. Thank you for contributing to my love for all things Parisian! Enjoy your vacation and the rest of the holiday season.

  9. Dressing like that for THanksgiving is probably a GREAT idea... all the corsets would keep you from eating too much... LOL!
    Hope you had a GREAT day!

  10. Hey Judith, your family looks great! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and don't stress too much about being away from your son, it will be an adventure for both of you! In the meantime have fun and we're all waiting for you to get back for more delicious soul food, aka eye candy that you provide! We love you too!

  11. Hope you're having fun on your mini vacay! Can't wait til you get back!


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