Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Friends,

Just a quick post to send out prayers to all of those affected by the devastating earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. To all of those in the world who have been touched by this, my prayers and my thoughts are with you today. Watching the news and reading about the horrific events that have unfolded are heart wrenching.

A reminder to us to hold our loved ones closer and give our little ones an extra kiss. My heart goes out to these people who are searching for loved ones, are trapped, or have lost family. To understand the fragility of life and how in an instant our worlds can be turned inside out is such a horrifying thought.

I can't help but feel so incredibly blessed at this moment. Wishing you all a good night and a safe weekend.
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  1. Thank you for this post, I send my prayer and thoughts also. I made Japan my home for almost 9 years and really feel this devastation keenly, the people there are strong and optimistic and will bounce back. Though the loss of loved ones can never be compensated. My heart is with them.

  2. I share your heart warming sentiments. My thoughts are with all the families and victims of this unfortunate tragedy.


  3. What a lovely post to do Judith. We need to pray for comfort for all those involved in this tragedy. It is a reminder to hold onto our lived ones close, life is so fragile.
    A sweet weekend to you too,

  4. You expressed so beautifully what we are feeling ... and as more and more images appear on the television screen ... the more heartbreaking it is.

  5. hello Judith you are so right ,

    Ive awarded you the stylish bloggers award please see my blog 161 for details fay x


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