Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lanvin...Another Favorite

"In Florence, Jeanne Lanvin gazed, transfixed, upon a Fra Angelico fresco. Its remarkably intense quattrocento Blue was to become her pet shade" ~Lanvin

 ~Lanvin 2011~

Jeanne Lanvin set up a Milliners boutique on the corner of rue Boissy D'Anglas and rue Du Faubourg St Honoré. She later opened her own House at the same location.

She began by making beautiful little fashions for her young daughter and muse, Marguerite Marie Blanche. These creations became so popular among the parents of her daughters friends, Jeanne created a Childrens department in 1908 and a year later became a full fledged fashion house.

~Lanvin Pearl and Grosgrain Necklace Via Harvey Nichols~

In 1911 Lanvin began creating wedding gowns and in 1926 she created Lanvin Fourrure and Lanvin Lingerie. The same year she was also named Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur.

In 1946 Jeanne Lanvin passed away after starting the perfume and Lanvin Decoration departments with great success (Santa left me a little vintage Lanvin present under the tree this year ~sigh~)

Today, Alber Elbaz is the art director for the House of Lanvin and he is pure genius! I look forward to every feminine collection and the details are always exquisite.

A bit of vintage Lanvin for you~ A Gold embroidered Lanvin-Castillo dress modeled in the Theatre of Louis the XV in Versailles.

Best Wishes to you all for a happy, joyful, and successful New Year~ Cheers!
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  1. Dear Judith,
    Another AND Always a favorite! Lanvin is one designer that has a way of always filling some of my most deepest desires~~~
    Love you!

  2. I love the hear the history behind successful people. Thank you for putting this post together; it is truly inspiring. And I love that sweet necklace!

    Bonne Année, mon amie!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Lanvin and beautiful, beautiful post! Stopped by to say thanks for following the Ooh La Frou Frou blog ~ so happy that you're one of the Glamorous Girlfriends! I love your blog (and follow) as well ~ don't know if you noticed, but I have you in my Blog Roll! Ooh La Frou Frou will be back after holiday break with it's Monday posts this coming Monday ... the first Monday of the new year! xoxo

  4. Beautiful post!!!!! I love that necklace...Happy New Year!!! Oh, I see you're following Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou too...isn't her blog the cats meow? lol...

  5. I could jump through and EAT this post right now! Beautiful as always! I've loved meeting you in person and being a true friend on the blogs. Looking forward to more good times in 2011! xc

  6. I've alwas thought that Lanvin shoe boxes were simply the most exquisite of boxes. I must find something creative to use mine fit

  7. Wishing you a year filled with beauty, Judith!
    Thank you for sharing so much kindness with me.
    Catherine xx

  8. What a marvelous post - the Versaille theatre (and the gown of course LOL) is just gorgeous.

    Merry, Merry, Merry.

  9. Stunning post! What a lovely image of that beautiful gown...oh how I love vintage fashion photography, don't you!
    Thanks for wonderful posts this year and all the best to you in 2011!
    --Lee Ann

  10. I share your passion for Lanvin. What a special gift you found under your tree.... May you have many occasions to enjoy it.
    Best wishes for a new year filled with beauty and delight.

  11. So thrilled to her that Florence inspired Jeanne Lanvin.. Wonderful post that last photo is to die for. Carla

  12. Love your blog, and LANVIN!

  13. I didn´t know ur blog but I really like it! I love Lanvin! It´s because the fantasie of the Lanvin world.

  14. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia - I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  15. I love finding other people who love blue and to learn the history is fun also.Fiona

  16. Oh my heart is captured!

    I wanted to invite you over to Fabulous French Fridays at the Metis Linens blog as I know you too love the French lifestyle.

    Your presence would add a bit of oh la la. :)


    Au Revoir!

  17. Can you imagine how happy I was to find a vintage Lanvin shirt in my local op shop the other day??!!!
    It cost me $2.50!!!

  18. love love love love... wishing you peace and happiness this year...xx

  19. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  20. This is a beautiful post, I love to hear the people story behind famous fashion names. Your blog is really stunning, I only just started mine, but I hope one day I might get as good as you!

  21. Amazing blog...I also love Lanvin..
    U have new follower

  22. I too love the house of Lanvin it is good to know it is still going strong, that vintage piece with the pearls is precious!Maryanne


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