Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keys To The Fleas: Paris

Hello Friends! I am so excited to write this post today. Today on my Facebook I saw the most wonderful post from the legendary Claudia from The Paris Apartment. She has just launched the most delicious and incredible App on iTunes!!! The app, Keys To The Fleas: Paris showcases Claudia's years of research and passion for all things Brocante and Paris Flea Market. This exciting app is just dreamy and includes amazing illustrations by Elaine Biss.

This fabulous new App is available for iTunes, iPhone, and iPad. I just spent the last few minutes browsing through it and I am literally swooning over the photo gallery and the illustrations. I can't wait to plan my next trip to Paris with this handy tool in hand. Even if a trip to Paris is not in your immediate future this app makes you feel like you just had a whirlwind trip throught the heart of the Paris fleas. Congratulations Claudia!!!

Claudia is celebrating with a giveaway so head on over to The Paris Apartment to enter for your chance at a free Keys To The Fleas: Paris app. If you can't wait for the contest, you can have it right now! Head on over to iTunes right here to download the app 

and her fabulous book that has become a Decorating/Lifestyle bible for so many!

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  1. Oh how wonderful!
    I have just popped to Itunes and made a purchase!
    Love Kristina x

  2. hi- just dropped into your blog (not sure how!) and love it!

  3. Judith dearest! How lovely to see you again! You are truly missed during your time away! I just received a notice in my email about this wonderful event. I just love THe Paris Apartment; thank you for the details! Anita

  4. i just received my I Pad for the showroom and prdered my 1st I phone, opened an itune account...Paris fee market, I am ready! will test it in September while in Paris

  5. what a cool idea - i will definitely check it out! now i want that app too!
    xox alison

  6. That Claudia is just too fabulous! I lost my Iphone 3 months ago and have not replaced it since....this great news has inspired me to make the trip to apple to purchase another one for this great application. Thanks for the tip Judith.


  7. Oh Judith, thank you for taking the time to write about the app! It was a labor of love and I am so grateful to your readers who are going to check it out here! I hope we can meet in Paris one day soon, ALL of us bloggers, wouldn't that be fun?! And then I could give you a big hug in person! Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

  8. This is awesome and thank you for sharing! What a marvelous journal you have. Like Anna Wintour, I love calling blogs journals. (*_*)

    gerre lynne

  9. Oh wow - have just discovered this and will HAVE to make a purchase ! What a fabulous idea and congratulations to everyone involved - and to you for sharing it with us !

  10. I just got back from Paris and have been chronicling my adventures on my blog, Possess Your STYLE. One of my favorite things to do is go to the flea markets! I wish this app had been out last month when I was there - I will definitely use it the next timeI'm in Paris.

  11. oh, so cute! have to have a look at it, although i do not have an iphone or ipod, hehe! ;)

  12. oh how interesting!!!

    thanks for sharing!


  13. How FAB... I must get that on my iPhone... I want an APP of my artwork... must figure out how to do that... hmmmm...

  14. Late for sure! Thank you for the mention!!


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