Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Walk A Mile In These Shoes...

The Eila ~ Manolo's ~ Sigh

Bonjour My Friends,  I have been reading so many amazing posts by all of you who are either in Paris or just home from a visit there. I have to say that the photos, the stories, and the images of the food and people have me longing to go back more than ever! Oh how I wish I was in Paris!

Jimmy Choo ~ Super sparkly, super delicious 

So, thinking of Paris made me think up a faux itinerary in my head. Where would we (my bestie and I) eat, where would we shop, how many days would we spend in the country, how many in Versailles, how many gorgeous French men would we have to turn down for dinner dates.

~Donna Karan~

And of many pairs of shoes would I need to pack!?! I know, I know, these are hardly practical to go meandering around the cobblestone streets with and hardly as chic as the Converse that everybody is wearing around town right now, but they are gorgeous.

Valentino~ Need I say more?

After all a girl needs to have tea at the Ritz and visit the ballet. Besides, doesn't a macaron taste even more delicious in a pair of Louboutins? 
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  1. Oh thank stylish blog sister is back today! With shoes I may have to borrow for Paris. Good to see you Judith and hope you aren't working too hard. Have the best weekend and visit sometime. Much love. XO

  2. I long to be back in Paris too! My sister is moving there this Fall and I'm flooded with memories...Sigh. Either way, who cares about being practical. These shoes would look lovely gracing the chic streets of Paris!

  3. AHHHHHH......this is dreamy. Oh Judith, you have been busy! I will be in CA in June....will you be at the shop at that time with Mahogany? I would love to visit! Anita

  4. Judith, precious one, you have completely ruined my evening! Seeing those delectable shoes has made me feel so sad that I don't own a pair, especially the Jimmy Choo. Size 8, if you would like to send me a pair. LOL. Love it.

  5. Forget the Converse, give me each pair above and I'll take Paris by storm!

  6. Judith,

    These shoes are gorgeous and in the most beautiful,feminine of colors! Yes, if I owned a pair of these shoes that would definitely accompany me to Paris! They are just too beautiful to keep tucked away in a closet!

    I hope everything is going well with you!


  7. Oh,Judith...

    These post maked my a little byt nistalgic about Paris!!!
    I Love Paris and you photos of these magic shoes...taking my breath!-)***

    Much Love,

  8. Beautiful shoes! I came back from Paris exactly a week ago but there's no way my feet could have worn anything other than comfy trainers, all those steps up to the Sacre Coeur! ;o) xx

  9. oh gosh...... what lovelies. if i HAD to pick though....i'd take the Valentino's I think! and skotchgaurd the heck outta em!

  10. Bonjour Judith,
    I'll take one of each please. But then with all these cobblestones in Paris, I'll make an unintended splash! Oh well, it will be worth it.
    Hope all is going well for you and you received my email. It is so exciting about the boutique.
    Bonne chance,

  11. Welcome back, Judith. Paris is such a treat, is she not?;-)
    Oh, and those delicious footwear.... I can almost taste them. Here's wishing you a sun-filled weekend! x

  12. omg looooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeee. the first ones are MINE!!

    xoxo BB

  13. I'd have to have tea at the Ritz in one pair and ballet in all the others (I could change in the intervals).

  14. Dear Judith~
    ALWAYS the BEST shoes over here! I have stolen so many pairs of shoes from you:) Thanks my sweet friend for always showing the best a pretty foot can wear:)

  15. Judith darling!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME!!! OH....I am so excited to see you. Well, I am going out to California in June and I would love to see you and your shop or the shop with Mahogony!!! Let me know where it is!!!! Anita

  16. OOOOOHHH Pretty!I love the last two!!!!!!Maryanne :)

  17. Allo Judith! the sparkly ones are sooo my style! And yes,what would I give right now to walk in them in Paris...ahhhh- Merci)

  18. Just stunning! Those Valentinos look like a collection of soft spring blossoms!

  19. Okay... I've officially got a shoe fetish now. That top pair want to come home to me!

  20. Walk a mile in those shoes? Not me! Those would "going out to dinner" shoes. I might be able to get from the car to the restaurant without breaking an ankle :-) But they are gorgeous!

  21. Such beautiful shoes.....but I'm afraid when I was in Paris, I had to be practical because I walked my bottom off!! LOL



  22. i love the jimmy choos!

    just passing by your blog and i have to say everything here is gorgeous and absolutely DREAMY.

    pls come check out my blog when you have some time too =)

    xo. Persis.

  23. ohh Valentino... I can walk a mile in these shoes, and even farther and more:)
    a great blog...

  24. Oh I could walk miles and miles in those dazzling high heels, bearing blisters and all. I too have a shoe fetish. All of these are darling!

    My grandmother used to say buy good shoes and good mattresses! We spend half the day on our feet and the other half on our backs. She was correct.



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