Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bardot in Blue

Bonjour!!! I know I just did a post featuring this amazing new blog Bardot in Blue but you have to check out this post on the Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorites) inspired windows in Paris. Be careful, you will fall down a rabbit hole in her blog to a place of wonder, enchantment, and beauty....

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  1. Oh Judith, it is a pleasure to see you blogging copiously again! Please, MORE MORE MORE! And I will go see Bardot in Blue!

    Bisous, Anita

  2. Lovely post, always a pleasure dropping by your blog!

  3. Hi Judith!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing BLOG! OMG! It is so beautiful and out of the box!! LOVE IT!!

  4. OMG Judith, I just happened to notice that I got my first time ever 91st comment by going into my new posts page. I go and see to find YOU! Thank you for visiting me! BUT WHAT FASCINATES ME IS THAT YOU ARE IN CALIFORNIA? Yes! I am from L.A. and it has been years since I went "home." Oh would I ever love to get together with you and a few local bloggers! Hey! What little oiseau told you? No matter, I would just love to know because I think it would be a fab idea to get together!!!! Old Orange, I know it well! Many antique stores! Dearest, please keep me au courant, and I will keep you informed as well as to when I will be there! WOW...what a small world!

    And may I just saty that your blog is totally incredible. Where do you find your lovely Paris fashion photos? I was using photos from a blog and I cited it at all times, but the blogger emailed me and asked me to stop using "her" pictures; she scanned them from another source and fine, O.K., but now I am afraid to use pictures from the internet!

    Judith, what a lovely visit. I look forward to the possibility of meeting up with my favorite bloggers!

    Bonne journée! Anita

  5. Hi Judith,
    I wanted to stop over and say bonjour from Paris! Ever since I discovered Anita's blog I've connected with wonderful women around the world. I was born and raised in Chicago with a french family and now live ln Paris. I'm a professional vocalist and makeup artist here.
    Looking forward to your new posts.
    Have a nice week,

  6. A lot of this is very intriguing and strangely enticing. Thanks for sharing!


  7. We all need a girl in Paris showing us what we are missing and it seems you found her for us Judith. Her blog is wonderful and so are you. XO

  8. sigh
    all those macaroons

    I have long been a follower - but this is my first post.

    I enjoy your blog very much - and am now going to be a fan of Bardot in Blue! Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Hi Judith. Yes I agree...Bardot in Blue is fabulous...and so is her mother Jermaine of French Kissed!! Since Jermaine is traveling to Paris soon to meet up with her little Bardot we should be getting some fabulous location shots soon! Trish

  10. Judith, yes I checked her out after your last mentioned - what a great girl she is!

    xo Terri

  11. Wonderful ! And yes, I can't wait to go down the rabbit hole again for the Royal Ballet's Alice which starts rehearsals soon !

  12. Wow thank you for sharing Bardot in Blue!! Great find :o)

  13. Wow thank you for sharing Bardot in Blue!! Great find :o)

  14. Ooh la la, really like it here! Off to check out Bardot in Blue next.

  15. This blog is fabulous and I love this post. Actually she's the daughter of French kissed blogger

  16. oh my!!!
    i went over to the site...
    that is wild and wonderful.


  17. Thanks so you much for your mention again Judith! What a lovely way to kick off my blog launch with your help!

    I can't wait for my upcoming vacation to the South of France with my mom (aka french-kissed) so I can actually have some free time from work and school and sit down and explore your archives :-)

    Be sure to check back to Bardot in Blue for part II of wonderland...it's going up just the stroke of midnight paris time!

    xoxo BardotinBlue

  18. Sooo nice of you post about BardotinBlue... her site is FUN... ooooh to be young and living in Paris!
    These windows in Paris are FAB... would LOVE to see them in person!

    Hope all is well with you!

  19. Hi, all good?
    I am delighted with your blog!
    He is wonderful!
    What good taste and whim!
    Congratulations! I will add in my blog.
    I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

  20. Nice white rabbit!:) Is he alive?

  21. Soo beautiful here!!!

    love that photo

    best wishes

  22. Thank you Judith...that was such a lovely visit. xv

  23. So beutiful and, of course, a touch of laduree never hurts a brilliant display. :-) Wishing you wonderful week filled with inspirations and joy!:-)

  24. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing with us! Judith, all the best!

    Art by Karena

  25. Bonjour mon ami! Merci de venir par ma blog. J'espere to see you again soon! he he he he
    Love you!

  26. What a great photo! Alice tomorrow! Kori xoxo

  27. Lovely post! Always a pleasure to visit you!

  28. thank you for all you do. . . it's a pleasure reading your blog. . . love your finds. . . this one is a treasure. have a good one.

  29. this made my day ...
    we're so addicted to this are we not?

    let's catch up, dear

    ... I thot all this time I had you on my sidebar... only to realize I DID NOT ... I fixed that

  30. That really is an amazingly lush, gorgeous post! Wow, such eye candy....very much like YOUR lovely blog!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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